UPDATE – 8/29/13 via David Coombs, Chelsea’s attorney


PVT Bradley E. Manning
1300 N Warehouse Rd
Ft Leavenworth KS 66027


  • Photographs are accepted if printed on copy paper
  • Books and magazines must be sent directly from the distributor
  • NO stamps or other tangible items like mp3 players or clothing
  • Maximum of six (6) total pages allowed per letter
  • No material that:
    • violates postal regulations
    • advocates escape, violence, disorder or assault
    • threatens the security, safety or order of the facility
    • is inflammatory (language)
    • is received with “Postage Due”
    • contains:
      • obscenity
      • contraband such as drugs, weapons, or postage stamps
      • blackmail
      • coded or otherwise undecipherable language

It is noted in various comments from Chelsea’s lawyer that she has access to interlibrary loan so she can read pretty much anything. Items may or may not be delivered so the BEST thing to send is your well-wishes.

Chelsea is currently eligible to receive mail from anyone who wishes to write, and she can now write back. She receives a good amount of mail from supporters.

There are restrictions on what you can send. The military will reject any mail that violates postal regulations or contains obscenity, blackmail, contraband or threats.

Additional notes from David Coombs site:

Anonymous said…
To work within the constraint of the 5-page daily limit on Internet material, you can use a smaller-size font (Times Roman 10 instead of 12), you can eliminate line breaks between paragraphs, you can reduce the margins of the page, and you can print ON BOTH SIDES of each sheet of paper, and maybe you use legal-size paper instead of regular 8.5×11 inch paper. It is not clear if the daily limit for each correspondent applies to date of sending (postmark) or to date of receipt (at Fort Leavenworth), but it is probably the date of receipt because it is simpler to enforce.  The only way to verify that Chelsea receives your money order and that it was successful put into his account at Fort Leavenworth and he has access to the money, is to ask Chelsea to write back to you and tell you the amount of the money order.  Your letters can be an important emotional life-line. Good luck to everyone in keeping Chelsea informed, entertained and inspired.
May 28, 2011 12:59 PM
Bob Hauser said…
I have had letters returned to me from prisoners of conscience and political inmates in this country for no other reason than that there was a slightly visible thumb print on the front of the envelope….I dunno, I suppose that represents the threat of a secret code based upon or embedded within the friction ridges of our hands or some damned idiot thing. Another issue that should be pointed out is that certified and/or registered mail will be bounced by the priz authorities as well—-we tried that.
July 1, 2011 12:38 PM
Bob Hauser said…
I should point out here by way of historical background that the army has so far been the ONLY branch of the armed forces that ever saw fit to court marshal and ruin the careers and lives of its own returning POWs for “collaborating with the enemy” for no other reason than that they had failed to escape from their North Korean captors. Even the marines never once sank to that level—-interestingly, it was the Corps that originally came up with the idea during WWII in the Pacific to tell the Japs anything they wanted to hear—lie if you could, tell the truth if you had to because by the time the information got back to the Imperial High Command it would be obsolete anyway…this saved the lives of many marines who otherwise would have been summarily executed. So you can assume that Bradley will be playing against a totally crooked house and a stacked deck if it follows the usual format.We’ll have to see……and hope.
July 1, 2011 12:58 PM

15 thoughts on “/WRITE

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  2. Admire what you did, Bradley. A government, any government, can get away with all sorts of atrocities unless the brave who see it happen stand up and say ‘That’s not right!’

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  4. I´ve been working on Wikileaks with my high school students for the last few weeks so I´m sure many of them will be more than happy to drop him a few lines.

    All best wishes from the Basque Country, Bradley!

  5. what about postcards? from my/your hometown. i think its a nice idea.

    it’s a photo, hardletter. allowed?

    A. Nonymous

    • Commercial postcard pictures wouldn’t count as a “photo” so they are ok. Also they are “transparent” so should get by the censors easily as long as nothing restricted in the text. Thank you!

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  7. Unfortunately I cannot say who I am but I have a message to each and every one of you, including Mr. Manning.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for believing in the idea that fighting for our rights, for our country’s welfare and for our beliefs means more then picking up a gun. Thank you for believing in this brave young soldier who took the words “To Defend and Honor our country by any means necessary” to heart. This young man was taught by the same men and women who today persecute him that he must use all viable assets possible to defend his country. He did that, he is a hero, he is a walking talking angel, he did what we all should, he followed his heart. We all know he will never be free, not truly – even if he is released he will always be persecuted by the same idea he believed in, when he first joined the armed services, but he will live forever in the heart of every man, woman and child who defends his honor, fights for him.

    When you teach your children about freedom you tell them about this man, you make sure they never forget. They have not silenced him because his voice, his message and his legacy lives in every single one of you. Again I say, Thank you. Live long fight hard.


  8. My advice to anyone writing to Bradley is to be sensitive to the immense pressure he is under and how he would have undoubtedly been severely mentally impacted by his long term solitary confinement. This type of cruel confinement affects not only the inmates ability to concentrate / cognition but also eyesight, spacial awareness and gives rise to a host of physical and psychological conditions. In addition to all this Bradley has to stand up in court to face the unjust charges that have been laid against him. Letters that focus on the torturous conditions of his confinement will only undermine him psychologically. It is never a good idea to remind someone of trauma. He needs to be psychologically empowered so that he can get through his pretrial. Lets focus on lifting his spirits.

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