White House Petition to Pardon Bradley Manning


Free Bradley Manning—Give him a full and complete pardon

Concerning Nobel Peace Prize nominee PFC Bradley Manning : Please President Obama grant a full pardon and have him released immediately. His 1000 days locked up display the worst of U.S. flagrant disregard for human rights. Show that we as a nation can accept a critical examination of our behavior and rise to the occasion of correcting it to reflect ethics and international law. PFC Manning should be lauded for exposing the truth .

PFC Bradley Manning won the 10th Annual Global Exchange Human Rights Award!

Daniel Ellsberg accepted the award on Bradley’s behalf.

Thank you everyone who voted <3

Care2Petition Letter to President Obama

We the undersigned, ask that you please consider the freeing of Bradley Manning. All this young man is guilty of, is telling the truth, a thing to be honoured. What are we left with if truth dies.  We are sure that you yourself Mr. President would like to be kept informed of the truth, it is a god given right to have this. Our children need to witness that the truth always wins out over lying and covering up and that to act in the latter carries consequences, please show our children the right way. We thank you for taking valuable time in reading this.

Dismiss Charges Against Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning should be considered a legally protected whistleblower.  We call on the United States Army to dismiss charges against him immediately.  Instead, our government should investigate a process that has violated Manning’s rights under Article III, Section 3, and Amendments 4 through 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

Drop “Aiding the Enemy” Charges Against Bradley Manning

FDL Action petition – Manning has been accused of “aiding the enemy,” — a charge with absolutely no basis. If convicted he could face a life imprisonment.  Join us in demanding the government drop these ludicrous charges. According to the logic of the prosecutors, even retweeting WikiLeaks material qualifies as “aiding Al Qaeda.”

RevolutionTruth’s Bradley Manning Campaign

Bradley Manning is a hero. We maintain that if he released these documents, then he is a whistle-blower whose actions under these circumstances must be defended. This young man’s case is a clarion call in dark times. At a time when the most powerful people on Earth are above accountability, and when citizens are systematically denied access to truthful information about what is happening in our names, Bradley’s case stands at the crossroads of legitimate democracies and their demise.

We stand with Bradley. Please join us.

Secretary of Defense allow UN rapporteur on torture to have access to Manning

Pressure President Obama to rejoin the company of civilized nations and stop being a massive hypocrite. Doesn’t it make you wonder what they have to hide….if they’re innocent of torture and violating Geneva Conventions?

Why the White House hasn’t listened so far to the people who (now re-)hired them



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