Thank you, Bradley Manning

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Someone Sep 25, 6:41 pm

Unfortunately I cannot say who I am but I have a message to each and every one of you, including Mr. Manning.

Thank you.

Thank you for believing in the idea that fighting for our rights, for our country’s welfare and for our beliefs means more then picking up a gun. Thank you for believing in this brave young soldier who took the words “To Defend and Honor our country by any means necessary” to heart. This young man was taught by the same men and women who today persecute him that he must use all viable assets possible to defend his country. He did that, he is a hero, he is a walking talking angel, he did what we all should, he followed his heart. We all know he will never be free, not truly – even if he is released he will always be persecuted by the same idea he believed in, when he first joined the armed services, but he will live forever in the heart of every man, woman and child who defends his honor, fights for him.

When you teach your children about freedom you tell them about this man, you make sure they never forget. They have not silenced him because his voice, his message and his legacy lives in every single one of you. Again I say, Thank you. Live long fight hard.



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