Twitterbomb today: Write Bradley a #ThankManning note!

#ThankManning TWITTER RIOT! 03.08.13

Goal: To trend the hashtag #ThankManning worldwide for at least 1 hour

Write him 1 million THANK YOUS!

via @digitalfolklore <3


* Continuously tweet using the hashtag #ThankManning and his mailing address and instructions.
* In order to trend, everyone must tweet using the hashtag.

*Aim a few tweets at people who you think will help spread it, or at US elected representatives or #celebs.

 The best thing to do is click on #ThankManning and copy and paste other user’s tweets regarding Bradley Manning and tweet them out yourself. Do this as fast as you can, as long as you can. IT’S OKAY TO STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S TWEETS DURING THE TWITTER RIOT.
While trending itself is important to help raise awareness, the content of the tweets should include some information regarding Pvt. Bradley Manning so that we can educate people about his situation. One thing you can do is copy the individual news articles that are listed on this page ( and tweet them out.
* Remember! It’s important you use the #ThankManning hashtag and link to /WRITE TO PFC MANNING with every tweet.
 * Encourage people to go to /SupportNet to find a group near you and get active!

Bradley’s full statement to the court last week, thanks to the amazing transcription by Alexa O’Brien @carwinb

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3 thoughts on “Twitterbomb today: Write Bradley a #ThankManning note!

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