/Guerrilla art

Guerrilla art

Grafitti using a stencil

  • Vinyl or plastic tablecloths and placemats make great stencils. Lay the printout over it, tape in place and cut out black areas with a razor or exacto knife. Smaller stencils are obviously easier to handle especially when you are just starting or in a risky or windy location. Bigger ones can be made by tiling the printout of a letter-size image.
  • For banners, old sheets or blankets from a thrift store work well, remember you will likely NOT be able to retrieve it so go cheap. The bottom will need to be weighted or tied down. Regular house paints work for big ones, acrylic paint for smaller, spray paint can be useful but messy, it will bleed through the back of most fabrics more than the other two. It is less messy to paint banners on a cheap plastic dropcloth from the paint department of any store selling paint.
  • Toolbag: spray paints, duct tape or other heavy tape, disposable gloves, stencils, two-way radios if you have a team. Pack supplies in a cheap bag you can ditch. When painting dark surfaces, spray a light color background first, then spray stencil as usual. Practice first.
  • Scope targets out in both day and night before attempting action. Take notes on cameras, ATM machines, police stations and hangouts, nosy-looking neighbors, etc. Above all, be discrete, don’t set off alarms for neighborhood watch people. The best places are not residential neighborhoods, but more public spaces that will be seen by pedestrians or easily visible driving.
  • MAKE SURE you have an ESCAPE ROUTE that will be hard to follow in a car. This is why highway overpasses are useful, highly visible and good for fast getaways.  The simplest arrangement is a driver to drop off the artist in a discrete location close to the target. The driver then goes to a good lookout position and communicates by two-way radios, headsets are ideal.
  • Never carry any real ID. Wear dark or black clothing, working in teams with a lookout is best. Avoid neighborhoods you are not familiar with. If you are being pursued, DITCH anything incriminating once you are out of sight. Have a good back story for what you are doing in the event you are caught. DO NOT say anything more than something utterly vague, as little as possible is best. Believe your own story.
  • If you are arrested, refuse to say ANYTHING AT ALL until you have a lawyer present.

*W3* R teh rEv0luti0N ~ be stealthy ~ lUv&LuLz ~ <3


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