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2013: Give Us Your Best Shot! ~  Kelley B. VlahosAntiwar.com.


Here a few highlights — some that lay bare the rot behind the Potemkin Village of our national security state, others that indicate that change, thanks to a few brave individuals and collective dedication, may be afoot in 2013.


As they say: it’s a wrap!

In many ways, 2012 was a status quo year. At its end, Barack Obama is still president, and our global war continues to march in varied incarnations across the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. At home, Americans toil and play in a constant state of denial, hardly blinking at the loss of personal privacy, growing government surveillance, the militarization of domestic law enforcement, the shrinking influence of people-powered change in the face of entrenched special interests.

And yet at the same time, so much is happening to challenge all of…

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