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#ThankManning TWITTER RIOT! 03.08.13

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* Continuously tweet using the hashtag #ThankManning and his mailing address and instructions.
* In order to trend, everyone must tweet using the hashtag.

*Aim a few tweets at people who you think will help spread it, or at US elected representatives or #celebs.

 The best thing to do is click on #ThankManning and copy and paste other user’s tweets regarding Bradley Manning and tweet them out yourself. Do this as fast as you can, as long as you can. IT’S OKAY TO STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S TWEETS DURING THE TWITTER RIOT.
While trending itself is important to help raise awareness, the content of the tweets should include some information regarding Pvt. Bradley Manning so that we can educate people about his situation. One thing you can do is copy the individual news articles that are listed on this page ( and tweet them out.
* Remember! It’s important you use the #ThankManning hashtag and link to /WRITE TO PFC MANNING with every tweet.
 * Encourage people to go to /SupportNet to find a group near you and get active!

Bradley’s full statement to the court last week, thanks to the amazing transcription by Alexa O’Brien @carwinb

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A National Declaration and Call To Action on April 5th 2013!


We suggest that this be not only US national actions at state capitols, but international as well, at US Embassies and Consulates or other relevant locales. Some of Bradley’s best supporters are in Berlin, Melbourne and around the world <<< Yes, WE LOVE YOU!!!


US Federal capital

US state capitals

US Embassies and Consulates worldwide


US National Legislature


US Governors

US State Legislatures

White House

Twitter accounts list for all US Senators, Representatives and Committees. You may need to download the free, open-source OpenOffice to use the spreadsheet after downloading the file.


There are a lot of Bradley Manning support posters on the net. Some can be found here and on the /SupportNet member links.

Bradley Manning and similarities with the Pentagon Papers (Daniel Ellsberg) case

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With more pretrial hearings scheduled for this month and next we examine the similarities between the Bradley Manning case (and Wikileaks) and that of Daniel Ellsberg, the celebrated whistleblower who, together with Anthony Russo, was charged and tried for leaking the Pentagon Papers. At the trial all charges against Ellsberg and Russo were dropped and Bradley Manning’s supporters argue that the charges against him should be dropped too. Below is a summary of what happened to Ellsberg and Russo, their trial and the irregularities identified that led to the outcome..

1. Introduction

“I was the Bradley Manning of my day. In 1971 I too faced life in prison for exposing classified government lies and crimes. President Obama says “the Ellsberg material was classified on a different basis.” True. The Pentagon Papers were not Secret like the Wikileaks revelations, they were all marked Top Secret—Sensitive. Ultimately all charges in my case were dropped because of criminal governmental misconduct toward me during my proceedings. Exactly the same outcome should occur now, in light of the criminal conditions of Manning’s confinement for the last six months.” Daniel Ellsberg.

Daniel Ellsberg was described by Henry Kissinger as “the most dangerous man in America.” His actions directly contributed to the end of the Nixon presidency and the Vietnam War.

2. The Pentagon Papers

To see the Pentagon Papers in full (all 7000 pages were only made available in May 2011), click here .

The papers were officially known as United States – Vietnam Relations, 1945–1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense. The Papers showed that the US had deliberately expanded its war with the bombing of Cambodia and Laos, coastal raids on North Vietnam, and Marine Corps attacks. Four administrations, from Truman to Johnson, had misled the public regarding their intentions.

Ellsberg provided material from the Papers to the New York Times and the Washington Post (both went ahead and published).

3. The charges

On June 28, 1971, Ellsberg (who had gone into hiding after distributing copies of the Pentagon Papers to newspapers) surrendered in Boston to face criminal charges. Under the Espionage Act, Ellsberg was charged with theft and unauthorized possession of classified documents. Anthony Russo, a former RAND colleague of Ellsberg’s who had helped photocopy the documents and urged Ellsberg to distribute them, was subpoenaed in August 1971 and imprisoned for six weeks after refusing to testify against Ellsberg before a grand jury. In December 1971, a second indictment was issued against the two men, listing them as co-conspirators in the matter. Ellsberg faced five counts of theft and six of violations of the Espionage Act, for a maximum total of 115 years; Russo faced one count of theft and two of violating the Espionage Act, for a maximum total of 35 years.

4. The trial

Their trial began on January 3, 1973. Five days later, the Watergate burglary trial commenced in Washington, D.C. The Ellsberg/Russo trial continued for more than four months. In late April, Watergate prosecutor Earl Silbert submitted a memo that revealed that two members of a special investigations unit known as “the plumbers” that had been created by President Nixon — G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt (who had just been convicted in the Watergate burglary trial) — had illegally entered the offices of Lewis Fielding, Daniel Ellsberg’s psychoanalyst, in search of files that could be used to discredit Ellsberg. A few days later the judge revealed that John Ehrlichman — one of Nixon’s top aides — had offered him the job of director of the FBI. It was also revealed that the FBI had secretly and illegally recorded conversations between Ellsberg and Morton Halperin, who had supervised the Pentagon Papers study. Meanwhile the Government admitted that telephone conversations of Ellsberg were picked up by wiretapping in late 1969 and early 1970, but that all records and logs of those conversations had disappeared from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Given the irregularities that had occurred the judge declared a mis-trial and the charges against both Ellsberg and Russo were dropped. The Government’s action in this case, Byrne said, “offended a sense of justice,” and so “I have decided to declare a mis-trial and grant the motion for dismissal.” The judge also made it clear that Ellsberg and Russo would not be tried again on charges of stealing and copying the Pentagon papers. He said, “The conduct of the Government has placed the case in such a posture that it precludes the fair, dispassionate resolution of these issues by a jury”.

Note: it was the revelation of the Fielding break-in that Nixon feared the most. When the House Judiciary Committee, in 1974, adopted three articles of impeachment against Nixon, two of them directly concerned the Fielding break-in. After that, Nixon had no choice but to resign.

5. Similarities/differences to Manning case

A. The (apparent) differences:
1. Manning is being court-martialled and is not facing charges via the criminal courts system. The rules and procedures are therefore different from those that applied to Ellsberg/Russo.
2. At the time of the Ellsberg/Russo trial the public mood was not in favour of President Nixon, whereas today President Obama still, arguably, enjoys popularity.
3. While Ellsberg provided extracts from the Pentagon Papers directly to the media, Manning is alleged to have used Wikileaks as a conduit.
4. More..?

B. The (apparent) similarities:
1. Both cases involve irregularities. With Ellsberg/Russo it was about break-ins, unauthorised surveillance, corruption, etc. With Manning it is more to do with the way he has been treated – or mistreated – since his arrest.
2. With both the Manning and Ellsberg/Russo cases the raison d’etre is/was all about revealing uncomfortable truths and acting according to conscience.
3. The files Manning is alleged to have leaked were published in part by several well known newspapers, including the New York Times; NYT and the Washington Post similarly published extracts from the Pentagon Papers.
4. More..?

Thank you, Congressman Ron Paul

Two days after Farewell speech, Ron Paul condemns “terrible treatment” of Bradley Manning from House Floor


December 8, 2012

Ron Paul gave his epic farewell speech to Congress on November 14th 2012, referring notably to “psychopathic authoritarians”- getting in one last subtle dig to the establishment:

“The immoral use of force is the source of man’s political problems. Sadly, many religious groups, secular organizations, and psychopathic authoritarians endorse government initiated force to change the world. Even when the desired goals are well-intentioned – or especially when well-intentioned – the results are dismal. The good results sought never materialize. The new problems created require even more government force as a solution. The net result is institutionalizing government initiated violence and morally justifying it on humanitarian grounds.” []

However, that was not Ron Paul’s final speech on the floor of Congress! Paul gave two more speeches, on Friday Nov. 16th. In his Statement opposing HR 6156, the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 (November 16, 2012), Paul stated, in part,

“…By attaching the so-called “Magnitsky” bill to the Jackson-Vanik repeal, Congress will direct the State Department to draw up a list of Russians it believes are responsible for human rights abuses. These people will be denied entry into the United States and have their assets seized by the US government. The implications of this reckless move are stunning….

…If Congress really is concerned about the human rights of prisoners, perhaps they might take a look at the terrible treatment of US Army Private Bradley Manning while incarcerated and awaiting trial. Last year Amnesty International wrote to then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates that Manning’s “inhumane” treatment while in custody “undermines the United States’ commitment to the principle of the presumption of innocence.” Congress remains silent.

… When it comes to human rights, the United States should most definitely lead the world by its own example. On that measure, we still have a lot of work to do.”

Paul was one of six Republicans in the House who voted no on the bill. Rand Paul, conversely, was one of the 92 Senators who voted YEA on the bill.

PBS has a lot of good information on Manning’s history, including a collection of 20 photos throughout his life and a timeline. Frontline conducted an interview with his father Brian Manning, who raised Bradley in Oklahoma. Manning said his son was “spoiled rotten” after he returned from his high school years in Wales with his mother. According to his father, Bradley was not able to pay his bills or carry his own weight. Brian recounted that he told his son “If you get into a place at Army, you know, you’re going to have three square meals a day; you’re going to have a place to sleep and a roof over your head. And as long as you follow the path, you know, it’s all you have to do” … “You don’t have a place to live. You’re camping at your aunt’s house. You don’t have any transportation. You’re working at a dead-end job, and you’re looking at going to a community college that you won’t even have transportation to and from. What’s your plan?”

PBS also interviewed Bradley’s friend Jordan Davis whom he met in kindergarden and described Manning as “Patriotic. Always supportive of the military”, with a tendency to be “opinionated”, “a little bit smarmy”, and sometimes “came off as arrogant”. He further describes Manning as a capitalist and athiest, although at one time said he still considered himself to be Roman Catholic. Davis adds that “in the 2000 elections, he was very pro-[Sen.] John McCain.”

On 3/29/06, Manning’s stepmom called 911 on Bradley and told police that he pulled a knife on her. Audio of that 911 call is available here. The police report can be seen here. The 911 call was made at 4:13PM, police arrived at 4:20PM and listed the “incident under control” at 5:44pm. Manning was not arrested.

In 2010 Manning allegedly told a computer hacker “If you had free reign over classified networks for long periods of time – and you saw incredible things, awful things – things that belonged in the public domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington, D.C. – what would you do?”

The eggregious, inhumane and sadistic way Manning was treated in captivity in the aftermath of his arrest is nothing short of brutal torture, as indicated even in mainstream news accounts. The Guardian has a detailed account in Bradley Manning: how keeping himself sane was taken as proof of madness. [Also see Bradley Manning Gets No Love From The New York Times.]

Paul Craig Roberts, who served in the Reagan Administration, wrote Bradley Manning: A Window Into The American Soul (12/3/12) and states

“Bradley Manning, a member of the US military, complied with his oath of office, with the US Military Code, with the Nuremberg standards set by the US government, with the strictures expressed by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the George W, Bush administration, and with his own conscience. Manning, allegedly (we will never know), released to WikiLeaks the video of the US military murdering two journalists and a dozen innocent people walking down a street. _civilians_20100405/ After the murder of these people by the US military playing video games with live people, a father with two young children stopped his van to help the survivors crawling in the street. The US military, due to either blood-lust, incompetence, or total evil, killed the father and sent high caliber bullets into the bodies of the two small children. The murderers then blame the father for bringing children into the combat zone created by the incompetence or evil of the US troops, who obviously get their jollies from murdering people. TV cameras are claimed to be weapons and justifications for murdering 15 people. Subsequently, a few people, whom the video shows to be unarmed, walk into a building. The US troops claim the unarmed people have weapons and RPGs and send three hellfire missiles into the building. The US troops then report that all the “targets” are dead. Any real patriotic American who saw this video would be compelled to release it. If Manning released it to Wikeleaks, then Manning is the most morally responsible American alive. What has Manning’s moral conscience cost him? It has cost Manning 900 days held incommunicado illegally by the US government. President John F. Kennedy’s presidency lasted 1,000 days. Manning was held and tortured for almost the entire length of Camelot. And the US government has got away with it. Americans don’t care. It is not them. They are too stupid to understand that once law is gone, they can be next. In their desire to punish Manning, US military and civilian authorities failed to realize that the lesson for soldiers is that crimes against humanity will not be punished, but those who reveal the crimes will be punished.”

Jeff Paterson of the Bradley Manning Support Network points out that a horrible photograph circulating on the internet alleged to be Manning post-captivity is not: This is not a photo of PFC Bradley Manning (8/14/12) It was previously reported by a year prior: Meet the “Other” (Kenneth) Bradley Manning(3/18/11)

Event: Truth on Trial Sept 30

Links to livestream archives from Sept 30 Truth On Trial


Nate / OccupyEye @OccupyEye 

Occupy Livestreamer since October ’11. Please donate!

Part 1    Part 2

YourMediaTeam  @MaxwellEileen &  @OCCUPYCARLISLE 

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Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

from the Bradley Manning Support Network site:

Bradley Manning: Truth on Trial

Georgetown University Law Center

Sunday, September 30, 5:00-7:30 pm

Presented by

The Bradley Manning Support Network and

The Georgetown Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

On September 30, some of the most prominent whistle-blowers and civil liberties advocates of our time will gather to speak out for a fellow truth-teller that the military is trying to cage for life.


CHRIS HEDGES – Author, activist, and formerNew York Times reporter
THOMAS DRAKE – Former National Security Agency senior executive, whistle-blower
JESSELYN RADACK – Former Department of Justice ethics adviser, whistle-blower
US ARMY COL. ANN WRIGHT (ret.) – Former State Department diplomat, whistle-blower
DAVID HOUSE – Friend of Bradley Manning’s, co-founder of BMSN, Activist

$10 suggested donation at the door for event expenses. Wheelchair accessible. No one will be turned away. No student ID is necessary. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by a very generous benefactor.

Author and journalist Chris Hedges will explain how the effect of Bradley’s case on our civil liberties to come.

NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake will recount his experience being prosecuted for exposing illegal wiretapping, and he’ll compare Manning’s case with his own.

Jesselyn Radack, Department of Justice whistle-blower and advocate and lawyer for those who expose crime and corruption, will expound on just how vital whistle-blowers are and why we need to protect Bradley Manning.

Retired Colonel Ann Wright will recount her efforts bringing awareness to Manning’s case and explain what needs to be done in the months to come.

Finally, friend of Manning and co-founder of the Support Network David House will detail the financial struggles of the Network and the importance of standing up for Bradley now.

Bradley is approaching 900 days in prison without a court martial, and he shouldn’t be on trial in the first place. Bradley had the courage to potentially sacrifice his future for an informed citizenry, and we owe it to him to support him today. Join us September 30 for a tribute to the truth, and those who work tirelessly to expose it.

If you are not in the DC metropolitan area to join us in person, the entire 3 hour event will be livestreamed & netcast so you can attend live online!

And just in, Emma’s Revolution, award winning peace activist musicians, will be performing live!

”Boasting gorgeous close harmonies and unsinkable tunefulness, Emma’s Revolution (the Emma is Goldman) is a classic, globetrotting folk duo comprised of activist singer/songwriters Sandy O. and Pat Humphries. Their music is progressive, socially-conscious, confrontational and shot-through with intelligence and cutting humor. Newest disc ‘Revolutions Per Minute’ is a front-to-back gem.”

~Iowa City Press-Citizen

Bradley is approaching 900 days in prison without a court martial, and he shouldn’t be on trial in the first place. Bradley had the courage to potentially sacrifice his future for an informed citizenry, and we owe it to him to support him today.

If you are not in the DC metropolitan area to join us for the live event, BMSN will be providing a netcast which will allow you to tune in and hear the event live!  In order to access  the feed on Sunday, September 30th, go to or the MO-KAN Bradley Manning Support Team Page on Facebook and a link will be provided.  When you click on the link you will be taken directly to the live feed.

Drake, Radack and many others also spoke on behalf of Bradley Manning at the  Occupy the Truth Whistleblower convention put on by the Fresh Juice Party in February 2012.

Call To Action

Make September 6th a global

day of action for

PFC Bradley Manning!

We invite PFC Bradley Manning’s supporters worldwide

to make it known to their government that we remember.

Ask President Obama

to pardon Bradley Manning.

For list of U.S. actions for Thursday, September 6, see below

International supporters please add your actions too! Notify Emma Cape: email


Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance – @akaWACA will be holding a protest in Melbourne, Australian, in solidarity with U.S. actions.  Thank you, mates!

Solidarity with Wikileaks and Julian Assange!

The following material is reposted in entirety from because the site was being attacked by morons from Antileaks.

Call for action at Obama 2012 offices nationwide Sept. 6th during DNC

The Bradley Manning Support Network, Afghans For Peace and SF Bay Iraq Veterans Against the War Call for Nationwide Actions at local Obama Campaign Offices September 6th 2012 during the Democratic National Convention! Free Bradley Manning!

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. August 18, 2012.

Since Army PFC Bradley Manning’s arrest in May 2010 for allegedly sharing the “Collateral Murder” video and other evidence of war crimes and government corruption with the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks, progressives and human rights activists have been asking, “Why isn’t President Obama stepping in to help Bradley?”

After all, it was President Obama who in May 2011 declared with regards to protests in the Middle East,

“In the 21st Century, information is power; the truth cannot be hidden; and the legitimacy of governments will ultimately depend on active and informed citizens.”


On Thursday, August 16, US military veterans in Portland OR, Oakland CA, and Los Angeles CA, occupied Obama 2012 campaign offices and faxed a letter of demands to the Obama campaign’s central office. Those letters began:

As those who have spent years serving our country, we have faith that as Commander-in-Chief, President Obama will do the right thing in answering our request.

The letter went on to list the following demands:

That President Obama retract and apologize for remarks made in April 2011, in which he said Bradley Manning “broke the law.” Because President Obama is commander-in-chief, this constitutes unlawful command influence, violating Article 37 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and prevents Bradley from receiving a fair trial.

That President Obama pardon the accused whistle-blower, taking into consideration his 800 days of pretrial confinement. UN torture chief Juan Mendez called Manning’s treatment “cruel and inhuman,” as it included nine months of solitary confinement at Quantico despite Brig psychiatrists recommending relaxed conditions.

The Bradley Manning Support Network maintains hope that justice will prevail and that President Obama can be the vehicle of change on this issue, but first he needs to hear loud and clear from veterans and civilians across the country that the American people want amends for the unlawful torture of Bradley Manning, and believe he should be freed.

Organizers of the August 16 West Coast actions are now urging others to join them in a nationwide effort to hold actions at many more local Obama campaign offices on September 6th, the day of candidate’s nomination acceptance speech. We want to share messages of support for Bradley with Obama campaign offices from coast to coast.

The Bradley Manning Support Network, Afghans For Peace and SF Bay Iraq Veterans Against the War Call for Nationwide Actions at local Obama Campaign Offices September 6th 2012 during the Democratic National Convention! Free Bradley Manning!

Read the original call-to-action.

Actions at Obama 2012 offices nationwide

Participating cities are listed below, along with contact information for local organizers:

Anchorage, AK                      John Hettinger                            

Birmingham, AL                Paul Schilleci                     (event on Sept. 5th)

Tucson, AZ                              Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa

Culver City, CA                     Shane Que Hee                                       

Los Angeles, CA                    Lila Salas                                       

Menlo Park, CA                     James Lee                                                 

San Francisco, CA               Michael Thurman                      

Sacramento, CA                    Cres Vellucci                              

Washington, DC                    Malachy Kilbride                      

Orlando, FL                             Thomas Adriaan Hellinger    

Tallahassee, FL                     Tom Baxter                                 

Des Moines, IA                      Gilbert E. Landolt                      

Chicago, IL                              Andy Thayer                               

Boston, MA                             Pat Scanlon                                   

Minneapolis, MN                 Melissa Hill                                  

St. Louis, MO                          David Arnold                              

Charlotte, NC                         John Penley                                 

Concord, NH                         Arthur Brennan                          

Albuquerque, NM              Sally Thompson                         

Santa Fe, NM                          Bob Walsh                                     

New York, NY                        Bill Gilson                                      

Syracuse, NY                         Ursula Rozum                              

Toledo, OH                              Trudy Bond                                  

Medford, OR                            Herbert Rothschild                  

Portland, OR                           Malcolm Chaddock                  

Philadelphia, PA                 Cherie                                             

Austin, TX                               Fran Clark                                     

Dallas, TX                                 Chrissy Musgrove                     

Roanoke, VA                          David Yarbrough                      

Olympia, WA                          Bruce Wilkinson                        

Seattle, WA                              Peter Schoonmaker                 

Madison, WI                           Joy First                                        

Milwaukee WI                       Paul Moriarity                            

Markin on 23 August 2012 at 7:49 am said:

The Boston Smedley Butler Brigade and Samantha Chapter- Veterans for Peace, the Boston Bradley Manning Support Network , Somerville Manning Square Committee and other social activists and concerned citizens support the call by the National Bradley Manning Support Network and others (see below)to rally nationwide at local Obama headquarters at 77 Summer Street in Downtown Boston (near the Red And Orange MBTA lines) on Thursday September 6, 2012, the day President Obama is scheduled accept the Democratic Party nomination of president, to call for freedom for alleged Wikileaks whistleblower, Army Private First Class Bradley Manning. We also will be calling on the president to use his constitutional authority to pardon Private Manning now. More later as we firm up details.

Resource Roundup

Organizing a Sep 6 event for Bradley Manning at an Obama campaign office in your area?  Here is a list of resources to help!

  • flyer explaining why President Obama must free Bradley in order to live up to campaign promises.
  • The letter that veterans demanded be sent to Obama’s central campaign office during their August 16th action.
  • contact page you can use to find other local organizations to co-organize and attend events.
  • Search for the nearest Obama campaign office.
  • The petition by which people can send a letter to military generals AND sign up to receive more campaign information.
  • A website for registering your event where others around the country can search for it.  You can also post details and RSVP on facebook.
  • The contact e-mail for soliciting traditional and online media attention before and after your  (Please remember to take photos!)

And finally, click here to read more about the August 16th actions.  Whether you want to hear more about how the Oakland veterans successfully organized their occupation of Obama’s office, or you plan on putting together a less risky action, you can contact our organizer at for ideas.