Almost in the Army

I have a long story if you have some time to read it.   Back in 1999, my best friend and I had this grand scheme that since we had nothing better to do we were going to join the army.  So, we both took the ASVAB at slightly different times but since we were living in the same county, we both had the same recruiters and office we were going out of.  This was a long time ago, so my memory is a little foggy.  I remember this young recruiter and myself driving to La Crosse, WI and his cell phone ringing every so often.  He explained that his wife had mental health issues, which had her calling him almost every hour.   I met some of the other recruiters, there was this one I’ll never forget.  They called him Fudd and for good reason; he walked, talked, and acted like Elmer Fudd.  I looked around the office and thought it would be cool since the people were so mellow.  Bear in mind, I grew up in the 90’s.  Movies like Tank Girl, In the Army Now, among a dozen others I’m probably forgetting portrayed that tanks, guns, blowing shit up as being cool.  At our school, which was in a small town, had recruiters at it all the time.  I think they knew because people are in smaller towns and less opportunities, that their situation may even get them to enlist for the benefits and getting away.

So, my best friend takes the ASVAB and gets a score slightly higher than mine.   She was going to be in intelligence.  I was told I could have been a journalist, if the position had been open for a female (I was kind of irked) due to a near-perfect English language score.  But, they wouldn’t give me too many details about what I would be doing.  Since my best friend had taken the test first, she was first up.  She signed all her papers, packed her stuff, and went to Basic.

My mother and I, before she started drinking again, discussed my joining the army at length and when I see her I’ll owe her a “thank you” for this.  She said she didn’t think it was a good idea.  I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD.   She said I was too sensitive to violence and my disdain for authority would immediately get me in trouble.   I don’t know what would or could have happened but that now brings me again to the subject of Bradley Manning.

What I’m basically trying to say is, the Army doesn’t have an exceptional screening process when it comes to weeding out people that may be unfit.  If I could just about be in the Army, who else could be? I know it was a long time ago, but things couldn’t have changed all that much.  The various stories that have come out since the war began are the basis for my assertion (like killing rampages against civilians, systemic mistreatment of prisoners).

By the way, Happy belated May Day all.  Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month?  Rep. Napolitano has more to tell you:

(BTW I started writing this in May)

Like she said, substance abuse and spousal abuse have been a problem.  We owe it to our men and women who serve in the military to drop stigmas and petty nonsense to prevent problems.  Prevention is far better than a cure and we could prevent tragedies like this one:

And there have been many other controversies that have embarrassed the United States far, far more than Bradley Manning could have managed on his own.  And if you think war is a good thing, take a look at these numbers:

And there are many, many videos just like this one on youtube that makes America look bad without Bradley Manning’s help:

Does this make us look like kind, compassionate, helpful people?  Is this what YOU voted for?

Listen to the guy about one minute in.  You think war doesn’t cause mental problems?  The floor is yours, argue any points that you have.  I’m sure we’re all eager to hear it.

Here’s another documentary I recently found:

Basically, to sum up my point (you’re probably now wondering if I’ll ever get to it) is that not only does the Armed Forces have a problem in screening people before they enlist, they have a problem now of how they are going to deal with all these people that will undoubtedly have PTSD.  Some people internalize their pain and don’t ask for help until it’s too late.  What we’ve asked our young men and women to do is to be robots, to not feel.  That’s an extremely unreasonable expectation.  This is a part of the reason I support Bradley Manning.  I encourage others to share their opinion, whether they agree or disagree.  There needs to be more discourse about this subject.


All the Harm

Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can do good to another.


No people do so much harm as those who go about doing good.

-Mandell Creighton

Regardless of whether or not you believe in the NWO/conspiracy theories, you must admit that the US government is getting bolder and it could be argued that they are causing a great deal of harm to the world.  Gun runs to Mexico, running drugs, executing citizens without a trial, war mongering,  secret trials, sealed indictments… oh yes, here comes the end of America as we know it.  Unless of course, we do something about it.  Bradley Manning tried and now we are seeing the government’s true intent.

In the event you’ve not been following along, the judge in the case has decided on a trial date tentatively.   Here are some articles with the latest information.  Thanks Kevin Gosztola, David F. Powell, and Kai Wargalla for your articles.  I know there’s a lot of others out there too.

What can we do?  Well, there are a lot of people doing things on their own.  Art is always good, writing is always good, tweeting is always good.  Let’s not break the law on Manning’s behalf, as to not sully the reputation of the cause.  IMO graffiti is art, making it an acceptable medium.  But there’s no good in causing harm.  Can we at least agree on this much?

The reason I harp on this now is Sabu.  He had stated, before he was revealed to be a vile turncoat, that some of those releases of dox were for Bradley Manning.  We all know that the CIA/NSA/some other government entity more than likely instructed him to say that.  Beware of psyops like this.  What else can we do?  I say, talk to your friends and family about it.  Hearts and minds are won with active engagement, not by just sitting on the internet and preaching to the choir.

Here are some recent examples of groups or individuals trying to raise awareness
This is from Wales.
This is REALLY something.  This is probably one of the best ideas I’ve seen so far.
This is something that was made recently to raise awareness for Bradley Manning, intended originally to be combined with OccupyTheMail, if you feel so inclined.  10% of proceeds go directly to Bradley Manning Support Network in the form of a check payment.  We wanted to keep the cost down, as to limit participation as little as possible.

What you do is up to you.  Never have it in your mind that you need to follow anyone to make a difference.  You can think, do, and act for yourselves.  We all have choices.  We can choose to let our government punish us for daring to point out their flaws, or we can tell them that we’ve had enough.  Enough of ACTA, CISPA, illegal activities by unregulated “security” firms, enough of the war mongering, and/or endless bank profiteering.  Choose your message, say it loud.  Say it before none of us can say a fucking thing at all.

Occupy the Mail for Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning Postcard Project

In this day and age, why do one thing at a time? There has been a recent campaign for Occupy, called Occupy the Mail. Recently, there’s been talk of some post offices closing, and to save jobs this was Occupy’s response. 99% of us are working people, and 99% of us cannot afford personal message delivery services. For these two reasons, I think this a noble pursuit.

Then there’s Bradley Manning, locked up for whistle-blowing by the Obama administration since May 2010. His treatment has been labeled as torturous by several sources and he’s been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Occupy Mail + Bradley Manning Operation

Send Postcards with brief messages to the Nobel committee saying why Bradley Manning should get the Nobel Peace Prize . Even if it has no official effect, the effort will raise awareness.

Sent postcards to politicians and activists (perhaps to all the famous people who helped free the West Memphis Three?) Asking for their help collectively would probably get them into action more quickly.

Send postcards to news groups or agencies that are not covering the story enough, if at all.

The desired effect is to generate awareness and interest, guilt trip those who are guilty, gain media attention to the situation, and spark conversation. The Occupy the Mail is just an added bonus. Think of all the postal carriers who would see those postcards. With stamps being $0.32 a piece for postcards and the message on them being clearly visible, this is the best way I could think of to spread this message.

There’s an extremely high probability PFC Manning will be in military prison for life. He’s already been treated punitively. Please help us in spreading the message, if you can.

What kind of postcards? Well, there have been many designs submitted to #OpManning’s Tumblr account:

You have many choices where you can buy postcards with images uploaded on the internet. You could use the tumblr’s images, your own images. Also, here are bulk mailing rates for anyone with “big” ideas: For 200 postcards it’s about $35.

If you would like to buy 1 or 2 postcards at a time, an account has been created at

We will be working diligently over the coming weeks and months to make more things available here, such as fliers for distribution.

Let’s urge the Nobel Committee to award the prize to someone who has earned it

A Global Call to Action In Support of Transparency and Justice

Second anniversary of  Collateral Murder – April 5

April 5th will mark the two year anniversary of the release of Collateral Murder – a U.S. intelligence video that depicts the indiscriminate slaying of at least twelve civilians in Iraq including two correspondents for Reuters. The airstrike also grievously injured two young children of a Good Samaritan who stopped to help the wounded.

Bradley Manning – accused of uploading this video to WikiLeaks – has since been arrested, detained for nearly two years, and is currently undergoing a court-martial.

His Supposed Crime?

Releasing vital information to us, the public, regarding vicious war crimes committed by the United States Army.

For ten months, from July 2010 until April 2011, Manning was held in solitary confinement in a U.S. Marine Corps brig at Quantico, Virginia, where he endured treatment which Amnesty International has claimed was both harsh and punitive. A large group of legal and human rights scholars continue to lobby that the conditions under which he was being held – including severe, months-long sleep deprivation and solitary confinement, forced nudity and other humiliations – breached the Constitution, as well as the Geneva conventions against torture.

Following worldwide outrage and protests, he was transferred to the Army medium security facility at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where pre-trial detainees are normally held. To date, the U.N. rapporteur on torture has continued to be denied access to Manning.

In February 2012, Manning was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his alleged role, credited with being honorable and brave.

On Friday, April 6, 2012 a collective of individuals from around the world will stand up in support of Bradley Manning. Innocent or guilty, he deserves justice: namely, a fair trial.

And you can help.

In cities across the globe, individuals –including you – are being called to action. We are asking that you link with others and use public spaces to educate people about the mistreatment of Bradley Manning, and the cause he has come to symbolize. Help people understand what is going on with Manning, what it means, and what they can do about it.

Banner drops at high-visibility locations, public demonstrations and rallies, street art, guerrilla theater, posters, leafleting, phone calls to appropriate parties, sit-ins and teach-ins, Occupy actions… Get creative, and run with it!

Let the world know: Bradley Manning’s supposed ‘crime’ is whistleblowing. The United States is punishing him, and completely ignoring the war crimes revealed by Collateral Murder.

Manning deserves a fair and just trial. The U.S. officials responsible for those war crimes should also be on trial. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!

For More Information:

Tumblr:  Art archive


Global Awareness Stencil Campaign

Bradley Manning Global Awareness Campaign

Let the Sunshine In!


Global Awareness Stencil Campaign

The computer-generated stencil above, made from a photo of Bradley Manning, is a demonstration of what we are looking for.

1. Find an image of Brad. The ones posted on our have been selected partly because of their suitability.

2. Create an image that can be used as a single-color stencil. Keep wording and detail to a minimum to make it easier to cut the stencil.

3. The image can be artistic and interpretive, but it has to look like Bradley Manning. The point is to create an iconic image that anyone anywhere can reproduce.

Click SUBMIT on the menu bar at the right on the Tumblr,  Submit a Photo. Add source/attribution and contact information, if desired, in the Post section. Or you can post it and put a link in the Comments, below.

The Tumblr has several submissions already, so feel free to get started spreading the message! Images of Assange, Wikileaks, Arab Spring, Campanadas, Occupy, NDAA, ACTA, SOPA, anything relevant to transparency and censorship are also suggested. Please add them to the Tumblr as a submission or post a link to it.

Guerrillartista Security for IRL [defacements]

  • Vinyl or plastic tablecloths and placemats make great stencils. Lay the printout over it, tape in place and cut out black areas with a razor or exacto knife. Smaller stencils are obviously easier to handle especially when you are just starting or in a risky or windy location. Bigger ones can be made by tiling the printout of a letter-size image.

  • For banners, old sheets or blankets from a thrift store work well, remember you will likely NOT be able to retrieve it so go cheap. The bottom will need to be weighted or tied down. Regular house paints work for big ones, acrylic paint for smaller, spray paint can be useful but messy, it will bleed through the back of most fabrics more than the other two. It is less messy to paint banners on a cheap plastic dropcloth from the paint department of any store selling paint.

  • Graffiti toolbag: spray paints, duct tape or other heavy tape, disposable gloves, stencils, two-way radios if you have a team. Pack supplies in a cheap bag you can ditch. When painting dark surfaces, spray a light color background first, then spray stencil as usual. Practice first.

  • Scope targets out in both day and night before attempting action. Take notes on cameras, ATM machines, police stations and hangouts, nosy-looking neighbors, etc. Above all, be discrete, don’t set off alarms for neighborhood watch people. The best places are not residential neighborhoods, but more public spaces that will be seen by pedestrians or easily visible driving.

  • MAKE SURE you have an ESCAPE ROUTE that will be hard to follow in a car. This is why highway overpasses are useful, highly visible and good for fast getaways.  The simplest arrangement is a driver to drop off the artist in a discrete location close to the target. The driver then goes to a good lookout position and communicates by two-way radios, headsets are ideal.

  • Never carry any real ID. Wear dark or black clothing, working in teams with a lookout is best. Avoid neighborhoods you are not familiar with. If you are being pursued, DITCH anything incriminating once you are out of sight. Have a good back story for what you are doing in the event you are caught. DO NOT say anything more than something utterly vague, as little as possible is best. Believe your own story.

  • If you are arrested, refuse to say ANYTHING AT ALL until you have a lawyer present.

*W3* R teh rEv0luti0N ~ be stealthy ~ lUv&LuLz ~ <3

Project Inception @OpManning

Tell the British government NO EXTRADITING Julian Assange ANYWHERE

ON FEB 1-2, 2012 Julian Assange’s case will be heard by the UK Supreme Court, in a two-day hearing on Sweden’s extradition request

The decision by the Supreme Court panel came on the same day as Bradley Manning’s pre-trial Article 32 hearing commenced in Fort Meade, near Washington D.C. Read more on Australia.

Supporters will be protesting in London and elsewhere. Check back for updates here, or leave comment with information.


Is Julian Assange a Trade Deal?

Greetings World Citizens:  This is a message from Anonymous Operation Want

  • vital information from WikiLeaks cables on the ties between the Swedish Wallenberg family, Bush, Rove, the Heritage Foundation and NASDAQ

Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview

“Legitimate authority is important. All human systems require authority, but authority must be granted as a result of the informed consent of the governed. Presently, the consent, if there is any, is not informed, and therefore it’s not legitimate.”

“From the glory days of American radicalism, which was the American Revolution, I think that Madison’s view on government is still unequaled,” he tells me during the three days I spend with him as he settles into his new location in England. “That people determined to be in a democracy, to be their own governments, must have the power that knowledge will bring – because knowledge will always rule ignorance. You can either be informed and your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you. The question is, where has the United States betrayed Madison and Jefferson, betrayed these basic values on how you keep a democracy? I think that the U.S. military-industrial complex and the majority of politicians in Congress have betrayed those values.”

Why is WikiLeaks so focused on defending Bradley Manning?
Manning is alleged to be one of our sources, regardless of whether those allegations are true or not. He has now sat in various U.S. military prisons for the past 600 days as a result of what we published. So we feel that we owe him a duty of care. I have heard from people close to his defense that it is their view that the abuse of him was in order to get him to testify against us.

And they’re going after Manning, who is facing a life sentence, to get him to say that you’re a spy?
To be another chess piece on the board in the attack on us. The U.S. government is trying to redefine what have been long-accepted journalistic methods. If the Pentagon is to have its way, it will be the end of national-security journalism in the United States.

How so?
They’re trying to interpret the Espionage Act to say that any two-way communication with a source is a collaboration with a source, and is therefore a conspiracy to commit espionage where classified information is involved. The Pentagon, in fact, issued a public demand to us that we not only destroy everything we had ever published or were ever going to publish in relation to the U.S. government, but that we also stop “soliciting” information from U.S. government employees. The Espionage Act itself does not mention solicitation, but they’re trying to create a new legal precedent that includes a journalist simply asking a source to communicate information. A few years ago, for example, the CIA destroyed its waterboarding interrogation videos. In the Manning hearing, prosecutors described how we had a most-wanted list, which included those interrogation videos if they still existed.

“Collateral Murder” – the video you released in April 2010 showing a U.S. helicopter gunship firing on a group of Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters journalists and two children – was the first scoop that got you major media attention. You learned that The Washington Post actually had the video and had been sitting on it.
A Post reporter named David Finkel had the video. We had sources who explained that he had even shown them the video in his home. Yet he concealed it.

Finkel’s response [ed. to the “Collateral Murder” video] was, “There were a lot of bad days in Iraq.”
He had been embedded with ground troops in that area for some nine months on the ground. He had clearly developed too close an affinity for the people he was embedded with and came out essentially campaigning on their behalf after the release of the video. (below)

Were those kinds of failings by the mainstream media what inspired you to start WikiLeaks?
The things that informed me most were my experiences in fighting for freedom of the press, freedom to communicate knowledge – which, in the end, is freedom from ignorance. Secondly, my experiences in understanding how the military-intelligence complex works at a practical level. I saw that publishing all over the world was deeply constrained by self-censorship, economics and political censorship, while the military-industrial complex was growing at a tremendous rate, and the amount of information that it was collecting about all of us vastly exceeded the public imagination.

When people talk about your childhood, the two main words used to describe you are “nomadic” and “hacker.” You first got into trouble when you were 17 for hacking into Pentagon networks, as well as several Australian sites. It seems in some ways that you’ve been engaged in a lifelong campaign against authority.
I haven’t had a lifelong campaign against authority. Legitimate authority is important. All human systems require authority, but authority must be granted as a result of the informed consent of the governed. Presently, the consent, if there is any, is not informed, and therefore it’s not legitimate. To communicate knowledge, we must protect people’s privacy – and so I have been, for 20 years, developing systems and policy and ideals to protect people’s rights to communicate privately without government interference, without government surveillance. The right to communicate without government surveillance is important, because surveillance is another form of censorship. When people are frightened that what they are saying may be overheard by a power that has the ability to lock people up, then they adjust what they’re saying. They start to self-censor.

Please read the entire article here

Australian Senator Scott Ludlam calls on countrymen to defend Australian citizen Julian Assange

Links to actions in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Anonymous #opAssange

WACA WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance #akaWACA

Sweden v. Assange  News


*** Flyers as pictures ***

Dear Citizens of the world,

You may have noticed that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, an international platform which brings the truth to you, has been arrested and held for over 400 days without any charges. Wikileaks discovered big scandals all over the world and now they need your help! He would never ask you and we would also like to avoid asking you for financial help, but in this case it is absolutely necessary to support Julian Assange to pay his lawyers and stuff like that. The world has to know about this important case, so you might print the flyers and spread them in your town.

Dear British Supreme Court, we demand that you do not extradite Julian Assange to the Swedish government. Otherwise we are forced to react!
Free Assange!

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We would not forgive the British Supreme Court.
We do not forget Julian Assange.
Expect us!

The path forward

*** this post is dedicated to @On3iroi for exemplary sportsmanship and providing epic LuLz ***

Tao Te Ching  道 徳 得 ~ Lao Tzu 老子

Chapter 67

I have three treasures
I hold on to them and protect them
The first is called compassion
The second is called conservation
The third is called not daring to be ahead in the world
Compassionate, thus able to have courage
Conserving, thus able to reach widely
Not daring to be ahead in the world
Thus able to assume leadership
Now if one has courage but discards compassion
Reaches widely but discards conservation
Goes ahead but discards being behind
Then death!
If one fights with compassion, then victory
With defense, then security
Heaven shall save them
And with compassion guard them

Chapter 68

The great generals are not warlike
The great warriors do not get angry
Those who are good at defeating enemies do not engage them
Those who are good at managing people lower themselves
It is called the virtue of non-contention
It is called the power of managing people
It is called being harmonious with Heaven
The ultimate principle of the ancients

Chapter 69

In using the military, there is a saying:
I dare not be the host, but prefer to be the guest
I dare not advance an inch, but prefer to withdraw a foot

This is called marching in formation without formation
Raising arms without arms
Grappling enemies without enemies
Holding weapons without weapons
There is no greater disaster than to underestimate the enemy
Underestimating the enemy almost made me lose my treasures

So when evenly matched armies meet
The side that is compassionate shall win

The next weeks and months prior to B. Manning’s trial will be consumed with studying and strategizing as to how we can best help. But before any plans are discussed, or actions decided, it’s important to take assessment of our philosophy, what we believe and why, and how that guides our interactions in the world.

The uprisings in ME/NA countries and the worldwide Occupy movement have confirmed that non-violent resistance is the best way to effect the changes desperately needed, to put into place a more equitable system of resource and information distribution that benefits not just the lucky few, but everyone.

Nobody, nobody thinks any of this will be easy, it won’t. It’s incredibly complex and difficult on one level. On another level, it’s pretty simple. Everyone in the world needs pretty much the same things. We all eat, breathe, love, hate, bleed and cry. Maybe Little Steven said it well enough.

I was walking with my brother

And he wondered what’s on my mind
I said what i believe in my soul
Ain’t what i see with my eyes
And we can’t turn our backs this time

I am a patriot
And i love my county
Because my country is all i know
I want to be with my family
The people who understand me
I’ve got nowhere else to go

And the river opens for the righteous
And the river opens for the righteous
And the river opens for the righteous

And i was talking with my sister
She looked so fine
I said, “baby, what’s on your mind?”
She said, “i want to run like the lion
Released from the cages
Released from the rages
Burning in my heart tonight”

And i ain’t no communist
And i ain’t no capitalist
And i ain’t no socialist
And i ain’t no imperialist
And i ain’t no democrat
And i ain’t no republican
I only know one party
And it is freedom

I am, i am, i am
I am a patriot
And i love my country
Because my county is all i know

And the river opens for the righteous


Anonymous #OpHorizon: Occupy for Bradley Manning December 16-17

Greetings from Anonymous

On December 17th, we invite every Occupy protester, Anon, and Citizen to march in a day of solidarity and remembrance.

December 17 will mark the anniversary of many historic events: three months since the beginning of the Occupy movement; the one-year anniversary of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian man whose self-immolation initiated the first of protests which became the Tunisian Revolution, and eventually cascaded into the Arab Spring; and 24 years since the birth of Bradley Manning, the army private accused of leaking classified information to Wikileaks. Manning’s first hearing is scheduled for Dec 16, 586 days after his arrest, where he will face a military panel who decide if will go to trial.

Bradley Manning’s alleged transfer of sensitive information to Wikileaks allowed the organization to release diplomatic cables confirming suspected corruption at high levels of the Tunisian government. The outrage over the circumstances surrounding Mohamed Bouazizi’s death was intensified after these revelations, and small protests quickly turned into an uprising which toppled a long-standing regime. Tunisia is now recognized as the inspiration for the Arab Spring; uprisings such as those which shook Egypt’s Mubarak from power, and ended both Gaddafi’s regime and life.

The passion expressed by those in the Arab world inspired many activists in the west to stand together. The American Autumn began on September 17 with Occupy Wall Street, and similar protests soon erupted across the United States, as well as internationally. Occupy protesters peacefully marched, sang, danced, and drummed their way into the soul of their respective cities, but have often been met with hostility and aggression from law enforcement. In response, Occupiers have remained peaceful and continued protesting.
Operation Horizon will remind the world that we are united and that together, we will not fail.

Learn about this year of change, march on the City Hall of your city and end the night with a vigil for those who have sacrificed so much.

Stand for the truth and solidarity. Know how we got here, and remember those who have fallen.

We are Anonymous
We are Bradley Manning
We are Arab Spring, European Summer, American Autumn
We are the 99%
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.