Chelsea Manning, Self-Determination, and Incarceration

through the walls

For those of you who did not go near any computers, smartphones or televisions today, Chelsea Manning came out as her courageous self, saying, “I am Chelsea Manning. I am female,” and stating her preference for female pronouns and her intention to pursue hormone replacement therapy. First she spoke out, exposing u.s. military atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for that truth telling she is sentenced to 35 years. Today she spoke out about who she is.

And then the internet and the news erupted with lots of transphobic hatred and ungendering refusals to refer to Chelsea by her preferred name and pronouns.

But there were some beautiful moments on the internet today as well. And I’d like to highlight a few, for those of you who are not combing through my tweets . . .

Chelsea Manning and the realities for transgender and gender non-conforming people in prison…

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