#DefendBrad – Storm for Bradley Manning’s defense

Dear Defenders of Bradley Manning,

After 3 long years, Bradley’s legal team will begin their defense tomorrow, July 8 at Fr. Meade, MD.

@TheWorldCantWait has called for a twitterstorm to spread news and bring support for him and his courageous defense team.



Brad is a hero for revealing war crimes, as it was his sworn duty to do.  It’s time to take a real stand, in public, for Bradley Manning. If you can’t be at his trial in person, but you know someone who could be, please ask them to attend at least one day.

Attend the court martial – Fort Meade, MD

Carpool to Fort Meade

If you can’t be there in person, please let your elected official know how you feel about his actions and the injustice being done in our names.

If you would rather remain anonymous, spread the word in other ways.

It’s time to get out in the streets, people. This is YOUR revolution.

International Call to Action – July 27




What Would You Do?


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