Bradley Manning’s Kafkaesque Trial

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Bradley Manning’s Kafkaesque Trial

(Written and published before Manning’s name change to Chelsea.)

By Barry Sheppard

The courts-martial trial of Pvt. Bradley Manning opened on June 3, and is expected to last 12 weeks.

The courageous U.S. soldier leaked a large trove of classified material documenting U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, diplomatic cables exposing Washington’s machinations in the Middle East and elsewhere, and other material.

At a previous hearing, Manning admitted that he was the source of these leaks. As a result, he could have been sentenced to 20 years in military prison.

Manning denied that he was guilty of the most serious charges of “aiding the enemy” and “endangering U.S. forces,” under which he could face the death penalty or life in prison. The prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty, but life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Not content with inflicting a 20-year…

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