Why Bradley Manning is a Hero



May 31, 2013
By Ken Campos

Private First Class Bradley Manning will begin his trial for court martial on June 3rd. Charged with 22 offenses including aiding the enemy. Manning is facing life in prison if convicted.

Manning’s release of hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents include videos of war crimes, diplomatic cables and detainee list of Guantanimo bay.

The arrest and treatment of Bradley Manning has sparked international debate with some labeling him a hero and others calling him a traitor. Many are saying that his release of these documents allowed the world to see the disgusting side of war and show the hypocrisy of the United States treatment of prisoners. On the other side people are arguing that Manning put American soldiers lives in Irag, Afghanistan and other countries at risk and potentially aided the enemy with intimate knowledge of military and diplomatic operations.

The thing that’s rarely…

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