Subliminal Communication Technology Part 2


Back to business.

Another from Dr. Becker:

It is important however, to realize that even though professionals and amateurs as well have experimented with subliminals over the last 100 years, there has been no proven case of significant harm having come to anyone from the use of subliminals, and even aspirin does not have a good record.

He goes on to show the video and audio processing units his company made.

Finally, he presents summary material to the committee. Much describes success with weight loss videos.

He goes on to reference the controversy of using subconscious stimuli to influence behavior in general.

Then Dr. Becker’s summary material references Budzynski and something called twilight learning:

The videotapes of this program that employ subliminal stimuli also employ relaxing, lilting background music to lull the viewer into a relaxed, almost trance-like state. It now appears that such an altered state of consciousness is…

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