CISPA Blackout on Monday, April 22, 2013

The Truth in America


Anonymous calls for CISPA Internet Blackout Monday. Please get involved in this online blackout however you can (profile pictures, over photos, website, blog, whatever). The U.S. Government needs to realize that we will not tolerate them spying on us everywhere and every chance they get! We can not allow this bill to become law! It’s time for everyone to start standing up and speaking out! This is not the time to be silent! This is America! We fight for our rights and our freedom! We don’t tolerate bullying! It’s time for the sheep to wake up and realize that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing running things. And before anyone gets on the defensive, I’m not saying who’s a sheep and who isn’t. If the shoe fits, wear it. Just sayin’.
And btw, if you’re wondering what I mean when I use the word “sheep” in this way…

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