we are the swarm (why bandwagons are good)



“Groupthink.”  A rather unfriendly description of any time people are on the same page.

It is certainly true that there are many, many examples of people uncritically accepting and repeating the ideas of a group that they belong to.  Really this is not so much “groupthink,” which could be an intelligent form of collaborative brainstorming, so much as “uncritical following”, “blind allegiance,” etc — and really most of the time it is not so much a case of following the group’s party line as much as following the leadership’s.  Which can be fine, if they’re actually correct, though there is definitely an over-reliance in even the best left groups on taking signals from one key group of individuals, and giving everything else the cold shoulder.

However, I’d say the Left is overwhelmingly correct on most social issues, most of the time.  It’s impossible for a single individual to be…

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