we are the swarm (part 2)



Don’t be intimidated, part 1 wasn’t that long and this won’t be either.
So when speaking of “the swarm” I mean a type of “organization-that-is-not-an-organization”, but is more like a fact of human existence.

The swarm include the entirety of humanity that has tends to periodically get rowdy, stand up for itself, create problems for the system, question capitalism, and long for a deep and meaningful freedom.  Imagine a list of everyone who pours out into the streets at critical junctures like 1968 or Occupy Wall Street.  Everyone there is the swarm.

And then there are those who are political ALL the time, even during the worst times.  So not everyone is equally swarmy.  But the swarm doesn’t work if it is reduced to its full-timers; its existence is always dependent on bridging the gap between the few radicals and the broad majority.

(This is critical.  If you’re a member of…

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