The Wikileaks event at Judson–a short summary

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

Last week  on WBCR, I told you about Birgitta Jónsdóttir, the Icelandic MP and Wikileaks member  who was in NY to talk about the Bradley Manning case. She was at a round-table event last Friday at Judson Memorial Church in New York along with a group of journalists who’ve been covering the case for those of us who don’t trust the evening news. I wasn’t telling you the whole story on Ms. Jónsdóttir–she has been a longtime activist in the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the US government is after her. Her Twitter records have been demanded, for example. She was joined by a coterie of journalists who are responsible for nearly all the serious reporting being done on the Manning case. Alexa O’Brien has a complete set of documents on case available on her website, and Kevin Gosztola (a journalist with FireDogLake) has provided first-rate…

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