“We Are All Anonymous”: Jacob Appelbaum on the War on Dissent




Below is a transcript of a brilliant speech by Jacob Appelbaum, given a year ago but which has resonance to events that have happened since and are happening right now. Appelbaum examines the role of Anonymous, as well as the anti-dissident role of the FBI and much, much more. The above video is from a year ago too but is probably representative of those issued under the name ‘Anonymous’ for that period and fits well with what Jacob says…

Note: Jacob Appelbaum is a core member of the Tor Project . For more on COINTELPRO, click here .


Today I’m here to talk about the past, the present and the future. I apologize in advance for the American centric story I’m about to tell, it’s an obscure but very important part of American history. It probably sounds familiar to those who lived in East Germany. However, I’m…

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