A Bradley Manning Event 04/05/2013 3rd Anniversary of WikiLeaks Collateral Murder Release




Discussion panel held with Birgitta JónsdóttirKevin Gosztola (of FireDogLake), Alexa O’Brien (independent journalist long covering the Bradley Manning trial), Peter Hart (FAIR media critic), moderated by Sam Seder.

An evening of art and discussion to sow the seeds of resistance against illegal wars, and to discuss the present state of free speech and freedom of the press.

Panel will be speaking in order to raise awareness about Bradley Manning and his trial that is coming up in June, as well as to help raise funds for his ongoing legal defense.

If you haven’t already, consider watching the Collateral Murder video, released by Bradley Manning, which exposed the murder of innocent civilians and two Reuters journalists. 

Along with helping Bradley we would like to help the families in Iraq effected by this war crime, and Ethan McCord the soldier on the scene in the…

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