America wages wars dirty. They’re all unprincipled and lawless. It’s official policy. Exceptions don’t exist. No-holds-barred barbarism is longstanding.

Rule of law principles don’t matter. They never did. Modern technologies make today’s wars worse than ever. All forms of brutality are commonplace.

On March 6, London’s Guardian discussed the Pentagon’s link to Iraqi torture centers. General David Petraeus was directly involved.

So was Col. James Steele. He’s a retired special forces expert. He’s a Central America “dirty wars” veteran.

His Iraq mandate included establishing detention/torture centers. Innocent victims were subjected to monstrous brutality. More on that below.

America’s entire chain of command is culpable. The buck goes all the way to the top. Bush administration officials bear main responsibility. Obama continues what he began.

They’re unaccountable so far. They authorized the worst of what went on. Iraq reflects what’s ongoing in all direct and proxy US war…

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