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How to Make a Fake North Korean Propaganda Movie“. I think the Norks do pretty well on their own, but why won’t they let that pudgy guy with the funny haircut wear one of their cool hats? Sure, sometimes they mess up and use scenery from “Call of Duty“, but they don’t have much of a budget to work with. Did you know they have their own decadent yankee capitalist YouTube channel with catchy videos like “World, No Freedom to Go to the Bathroom“?

An interesting story (referenced by the excellent blog, Parapolitical) describes an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un in the heart of Pyongyang and the back-story on the recent bellicose rhetoric from the North Korean regime. Is it just their way of saying “I can haz cheezburger… or any other food”?

Speaking of propaganda, what drop in U.S. unemployment? Ignore that “U3” number, it’s

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