Early this morning I started covering the news of a leaked copy of Bradley Manning’s recent one-hour court statement explaining why he leaked all those documents, and a key video, to WikiLeaks.  Now the guessing game begins:  Who leaked it?   One expert, Kevin Gosztola–co-author of my recent book on Manning Truth and Consequenceshas now weighed in on Twitter.  Kevin has probably attended more days of Manning hearings at Ft Meade than anyone.  He tweets:  “Leaked audio couldn’t have come from Ft. Meade media center. It wouldn’t be clean. There’d be press noise/chatter.”  So: Inside source?  Maybe another Army private?  Would be too rich.

The Telegraph now has a piece on this, excerpt:

Pfc Manning’s voice sounds louder and closer than the military judge’s, suggesting it was recorded in the public gallery at the back of the court. There is also no trace of the…

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