Worldwide rallies commemorate Bradley Manning’s 1000th day of incarceration

Huge SHOUTOUT to all of you who braved the elements and personal inconveniences to bring attention to Bradley’s case. WE LOVE YOU!! And an enormous thank you to #IDP13 #opBigBrother International Day of Privacy activists!

Beautiful poster by @Somersetbean


Download your own posters and Bradley Manning masks via Somersetbean

Collection of articles via @nathanLfuller of BMSN

More event videos and pics will be added as we find them, this is just a few. If your event is not yet posted please ping @OpManning or post the link in Comments. 

Kabul, Afghanistan


Vancouver, BC






 Lots of pictures of paperstorm for #IDP13 and #FreeBrad #1000days



San Francisco

NYC – Union Square

Detroit – benefit concert



Much more here:

Great Britain

London, England

Big Ben –

US Embassy

As part of a global day of action, protesters gathered at the US Embassy in London to mark US Army Private Bradley Manning’s 1000th day in prison without trial over the alleged leaking of classified US Army documents referred to as the Iraq War Logs.

Not sure where these are from yet

#OpBigBrother #IDP13 International Day of Privacy

Bourke Street


Great pictures and article in RT


Sidney via @akaWACA

Melbourne via TheDigitalfolklore

Mardi Gras organizing vimeo and


One thought on “Worldwide rallies commemorate Bradley Manning’s 1000th day of incarceration

  1. Manning followed his conscience over orders and has sacrificed his freedom for possibly the rest of his life so that others could get a peek behind the theater’s curtains. This cannot be tolerated and now the head grasshopper must make an example of him so the rest of the ants stay in line. The shocking part isn’t what he revealed, its how little much of the mainstream press and pubic gave a damn.

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