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This week Pfc. Bradley Manning spent his 1000th day incarcerated in a US military prison for allegedly letting people know about crimes he witnessed while serving as a US Army intelligence analyst. The legal process has been a case study in legal malfeasance on the part of the US government and the judge in charge of the case has been called out as a member of the prosecution by more than one Constitutional legal expert.

The US President, Barack Obama, also the Commander-in-Chief of the US military and therefore the boss of Judge Lind and the prosecution, declared Pvt. Manning guilty before he was even officially charged, reason enough alone to dismiss the charges since now a legal trial is impossible.

This 1000days_manning_colour1-01poster summarizes Bradley’s treatment at the hands of the people who sanctified renditions, waterboarding and other tortures and random assassination of anyone they feel like.

Events are planned across the world and privacy activists at rallies for International Day of Privacy 2013 will also honor Bradley Manning for his seminal contributions in awakening the world.

#opManning will support IRL actions with online activities to honor Bradley.

According to the Lamo chatlogs, Bradass87  used a Lady Gaga CD to transmit the now famous Collateral Murder video and diplomatic cables to the world.


The US government is doing everything in its power to silence support for Bradley Manning and other whistleblowers. Many people throughout the world and even in the US still don’t know about PFC Manning.

Protests work! Attention on Bradley Manning makes the US uncomfortable because they know people will sympathize if they learn about him. Manning’s prison conditions dramatically improved after the dedicated campaign against his treatment at Quantico.

A month ago, on the day Aaron Swartz died as a direct result of excessive prosecutorial zeal, tens of thousands of people retweeted support for Bradley Manning, including @LadyGaga. At the peak there were over 1,000 #ISupportManning tweets per hour and it trended worldwide.

This time the goal of the Twitterbomb is to not just trend, but to spread and implement Operation*Radio*Gaga.

contact as many radio stations as possible on #Feb23:

  • Use this station locator to find stations in your area or wherever you like (maybe you DON’T want to call stations in your area)
  • Look for stations that are more likely to go along, or if you feel like lulz, get a retard talk radio host riled up asking for it, especially ones that called for Manning to be shot like Rush Limbaugh.
  • If they have a request line, ask them to play Telephone – Lady Gaga
    • if it is probably NOT a sympathetic station (the vast majority) just ask them to play the song for your boyfriend/girlfriend
    • if it seems like a cool/sympathetic radio station, dedicate it to Manning (these will be rare, better to assume it ISN’T)

The point is to get them to PLAY IT however you can get it done.

on #Feb23 the EM waves traveling from Planet Earth will be inundated with #FreeBrad propaganda

  1. If you don’t have a copy, use this to convert a YouTube of Telephone to an MP3 www.video2mp3.net
  2. Call the White House and Congress switchboards, US Embassies & Consulates and ask for a voicemail box.
  3. Leave a recording of Telephone on as many voicemail boxes as you can, especially targeting anyone who has expressed sentiments that Bradley and all those who report war crimes should be executed.
  • White House: 202-456-1414
  • United States Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121
  • US Embassies & Consulates listings by country: http://www.usembassy.gov/

To spread the action we will start a TWITTERBOMB.

  • Spread the tweets to at least 10 other people and try to get 10 retweets for each. That will be 100 tweets. If the people you tweet to do the same, you will have created 1000 tweets honoring Bradley Manning’s 1000th day.

Here is a list of celebs who might be encouraged to spread the tweet. Lady Gaga retweeted some of the #ISupportManning tweets on January 11, the day Aaron Swartz died. We are grateful to her for taking a stand and deeply appreciative of her socially conscious leadership in many arenas.

Twitterbomb tweets should contain ny information about Bradley Manning that you consider important. The above poster summarizes Bradley’s treatment since his arrest. Adding the link to your tweet will send the information.

TWITTERBOMB instructions

In order to trend, everyone must tweet using the hashtags. DO NOT JUST RETWEET OTHER PEOPLE. YOU HAVE TO TWEET YOURSELF! Continuously tweet using some or all of the hashtags: #FreeBrad #Manning #1000days #opRadioGaga #IDP13

The best thing to do is click on any of the hashtags then copy/paste other user’s tweets and tweet them out yourself. Do this as fast as you can, for as long as you can. IT’S OKAY TO STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S TWEETS DURING THE TWITTER RIOT. Remember! It’s important to use the hashtags with every tweet.

sample tweet:
#opRadioGaga https://opmanning.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/radiogaga/ #Feb23 #1000days too long #FreeBrad #Manning Please MT! @yourfavs

  • Tweet this until you have at least 10 RTs. Recruit at least 10 friends & associates to do the same, then by the third iteration you will have engendered at least 1000 tweets.
  • Tweet to famous people on Twitter asking them to retweet using the hashtags #FreeBrad, #Manning, #1000days #opRadioGaga #IDP13

NOTE: add the hashtag #opManning to any tweet so it will be mirrored in the @OpManning timeline

tell Obama what you think about how he’s treating whistleblowers

tweet to your favorite #Anonymous #PLF #Occupy and other activist accounts and to FAMOUS PEOPLE ON TWITTER WHO ARE, OR MAY BE SYMPATHETIC

– Lady Gaga: http://twitter.com/ladygaga
– Roseanne Barr: http://twitter.com/TheRealRoseanne
– Cenk Ugyur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg6-BwIQB88
– Amber Lyon: http://www.twitter.com/AmberLyon
– Pamela Anderson: http://twitter.com/pameladanderson
– Jenna jameson: http://twitter.com/jennajameson
– Nicole Richie: http://twitter.com/nicolerichie
– Withney Port: http://twitter.com/withneyEVEport
– People StyleWatch: http://twitter.com/styleWatchMag
– Jesse & Joy: http://twitter.com/jesseyjoy
– Keith Richards: http://twitter.com/officialkeef
– Michael Moore: http://twitter.com/MMFlint
– Rocco Siffredi: http://twitter.com/Rocco_Siffredi
– Terry Pratchett: http://twitter.com/terryandrob
– Daniel Ellsberg: https://twitter.com/danielellsberg
– Michael Moore: http://twitter.com/mmflint
– Julian Assange: http://twitter.com/julianassange_
– Trey Parker: https://twitter.com/Trey_Parker
– Adam Savage (Mythbusters): http://twitter.com/donttrythis
– Amber Benson: http://twitter.com/amber_benson
– Arnold Schwarzenegger: http://twitter.com/schwarzenegger
– Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The next generation): http://twitter.com/BrentSpiner
– David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis): http://twitter.com/dhewlett
– Demi Moore: http://twitter.com/mrskutcher
– Elizabeth Banks (Laura Bush en “W”): http://twitter.com/Elizabethbanks
– Emmy Rossum (Dragonball Evolution): http://twitter.com/emmyrossum
– Ewan McGregor: http://twitter.com/EwanMcGregor
– Fran Drescher: http://twitter.com/frandrescher
– Janina Gavankar (The L World): http://twitter.com/janinaz
– Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live): http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon
– LeVar Burton (Star Trek: The next generation): http://twitter.com/levarburton
– Luke Wilson (3:10 to Yuma): http://twitter.com/LukeWilson
– Rachel Bilson (The Oc, Jumper): http://twitter.com/rachel_bilson
– Rainn Wilson (Serie The Office): http://twitter.com/rainnwilson
– Rumer Willis: http://twitter.com/TheRue
– Ryan Seacrest: http://twitter.com/RyanSeacrest
– Tom Felton (Harry Potter): http://twitter.com/TomFelton
– Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical): http://www.twitter.com/VanessaHudgens
– Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation): http://twitter.com/wilw
– William Shatner (Star Trek): http://twitter.com/WilliamShatner
– Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman): http://twitter.com/greggrunberg
– Brea Grant (Daphne Millbrook): http://twitter.com/breagrant
– James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi): http://twitter.com/jameskysonlee
– David H. Lawrence XVII (Eric Doyle): http://twitter.com/dhlawrencexvii
– Bjork: http://twitter.com/bjork
– Brett Gurewitz: http://twitter.com/OblivionPact
– Britney Spears: http://twitter.com/therealbritney
– Cold Play: http://twitter.com/coldplay
– Dave Rowntree: http://twitter.com/davefromlondon
– Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit): http://www.twitter.com/freddurst
– Jamie Cullum: http://twitter.com/jamiecullum
– MC Hammer: http://twitter.com/MCHammer
– Regina Spektor: http://twitter.com/reginaspektor
– Snoop Dogg: https://twitter.com/snoopdogg
– Andy Murray: http://twitter.com/andy_murray
– Hillary Clinton: http://twitter.com/hillaryclinton
– Paulo Coelho: http://twitter.com/paulocoelho
– Yoko Ono: http://twitter.com/yokoono
– Jimmy Fallon: http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon
– Ben Stiller: http://twitter.com/
– Demi Lovato (Camp Rock): http://twitter.com/ddlovato
– Jennifer Stone: http://twitter.com/comeagainjen
– Jonas Brothers: http://twitter.com/Jonasbrothers
– Mark Whalberg: http://twitter.com/Mark_Wahlberg
– Jason Statham: https://twitter.com/JasonStatham1
– James Franco (Spiderman): http://twitter.com/JamesFrancoNews
– Mariah Carey: http://twitter.com/MariahHBF
– MIKA: http://twitter.com/mikasounds
– P Diddy: http://twitter.com/iamdiddy
– Ashley Simpson: http://twitter.com/ashsimpsonwentz
– Pete Wentz: http://twitter.com/petewentz
– Solange Knowles: https://twitter.com/solangeknowles
– Paris Hilton: http://twitter.com/PARIShilton
– Ellen DeGeneres: http://twitter.com/TheEllenShow
– Greg Grunberg: http://twitter.com/greggrunberg
– Soleil Moon Frye: http://twitter.com/moonfrye
– Lance Armstrong: http://twitter.com/lancearmstrong
– Oprah: http://twitter.com/Oprah
– Lily Allen: http://twitter.com/lilyroseallen
– Mischa Barton: http://twitter.com/MischaBarton
– Taylor Swift: http://twitter.com/taylorswift13
– John Mayer: http://twitter.com/johncmayer
– Martha Stewart: http://twitter.com/marthastewart
– Génesis Rodríguez: http://twitter.com/genirodriguez
– Jim Carrey: https://twitter.com/JIMCARREY
– WikiLeaks: https://twitter.com/wikileaks
– Edward Norton: https://twitter.com/edwardnorton
– Helen Osborn: https://twitter.com/HelenOsborn
– Assumpta Serna: http://twitter.com/assumptaserna
– nena daconte http://twitter.com/nenadaconte
– javier bardem http://twitter.com/javierbardem_
– pablo motos http://twitter.com/Pablo_Motos
– buenafunte http://twitter.com/Buenafuente
– elfollonero http://twitter.com/elfollonero
– rosario flores http://twitter.com/rosarioficial
– dani martin http://twitter.com/dani_martin_
– serrat http://twitter.com/maestroserrat
– malu http://twitter.com/_MaluOficial_
– alex ubago http://twitter.com/AlexUbagoficial
– chenoa http://twitter.com/Chenoaoficial
– berto romero http://twitter.com/bertoromero
– florentino fernandez http://twitter.com/Flofdez
– joaquin sabina http://twitter.com/joaquinsabina
– jesus vazquez http://twitter.com/_JesusVazquez_
– paula vazquez http://twitter.com/Paula_Vazquez_
– paco leon http://twitter.com/Paco_Leon1
– marta sanchez http://twitter.com/MartaSanchezPop
– andi y lucas http://twitter.com/_AndyyLucas_
– alejandro sanz http://twitter.com/AlejandroSanz
– pique http://twitter.com/GerardPiqueTeam
– messi http://twitter.com/messi_barcelona , http://twitter.com/LMessi
– david bustamante http://twitter.com/David_Busta
– feliciano lopez http://twitter.com/feliciano_lopez
– rafa nadal http://twitter.com/Rafa_Nadal
– Santiago Segura: https://twitter.com/SSantiagosegura
– Dani Mateo : https://twitter.com/DaniMateoAgain
– Alex de la Iglesia: https://twitter.com/AlexdelaIglesia
– David Castillo: https://twitter.com/davidcastillo92
– Ricky Martin: https://twitter.com/ricky_martin
– Kiko rivera:https://twitter.com/riverakiko
– Ana pastor: https://twitter.com/anapastor_tve
– Daniel Martin: https://twitter.com/_danielmartin_
– Ismael Beiro: https://twitter.com/Ismael_Beiro
– David Guapo: https://twitter.com/davidguapo  <– Me he quedado quí con los españoles, exijo un relevo!! xD
– Goyo Jiménez: https://twitter.com/Goyojimenez
– SLQH: https://twitter.com/SLQH
– Andrés Iniesta: https://twitter.com/andresiniesta8
– Dani Rovira: https://twitter.com/DANIROVIRA
– Micky Nadal:https://twitter.com/NadalMiki
– Ángel Martín: https://twitter.com/angelmartin_nc
– Rosa Montero: https://twitter.com/BrunaHusky
– Maxim Huerta http://twitter.com/maximhuerta
– Ivan ferreiro http://twitter.com/ivanferreiro
– Adriana Abenia http://twitter.com/abeniaadriana
– Lucía Etxebarria http://twitter.com/LaEtxebarria
– Felix Alvarez (Felisuco) http://twitter.com/Felisuco_
– Jose corbacho http://twitter.com/josecorbacho
– Marta Torne http://twitter.com/MartaTorne
– David bisbal http://twitter.com/davidbisbal
– David guetta http://twitter.com/davidguetta
– Carmen chaparro http://twitter.com/CarmeChaparro
– GreenPeace españa http://twitter.com/greenpeace_esp
– Julieta Venegas http://twitter.com/julietav
– Juanes http://twitter.com/juanes
– Paulina Rubio http://twitter.com/paurubio
– Chayanne http://twitter.com/CHAYANNEMUSIC
– Diego Torres http://twitter.com/diegotorres
– Shakira http://twitter.com/shakira
– Daniela blume http://twitter.com/DanielaBlume
– Meneame http://twitter.com/meneame_net
– Elena Ballesteros http://twitter.com/elenballesteros
– Santi Millán http://twitter.com/Santi_Millan
– Tania llasera http://twitter.com/taniallasera
– Jordi González http://twitter.com/jordiGlez
– Ana Milán http://twitter.com/_ANAMILAN_
– Boris http://twitter.com/Borisizaguirre
– Jesús Calleja http://twitter.com/desafiocalleja
– Carmen Alcayde http://twitter.com/carmenalcayde
– Marta fernández http://twitter.com/mrtfernandez
– Susana griso http://twitter.com/susannagriso
– Miguel Ángel Muñoz http://twitter.com/MiguelAngelMuoz
– Puyol http://twitter.com/Carles5puyol
– Manu Carreño http://twitter.com/manucarreno
– La Ser http://twitter.com/La_SER
– Pedro de la Rosa http://twitter.com/PedrodelaRosa1
– Carlos Moya http://twitter.com/Charlymoya
– Patricia Conde https://twitter.com/BlogPatriConde
– Pilar Rubio http://twitter.com/pilarot2011
– Nacho Vidal https://twitter.com/RealNachoVidal
– Sara Carbonero https://twitter.com/Sara_Carbonero
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– Eva Hache http://twitter.com/eva_hache
– Carlos del Amor (periodista TVE) http://twitter.com/cdelamorTVE
– Carmela ríos (periodista cuatro) http://twitter.com/CarmelaRios
– Agustín jiménez (humorista) http://twitter.com/AGUSTIJIMENEZ
– Elvira Lindo http://twitter.com/ElviraLindo
– Rosa Jiménez (periodista el País) http://twitter.com/petezin
– Nelly Furtado http://twitter.com/NellyFurtado
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– JJ Santos http://twitter.com/josjaviersantos
– Jorge Alcalde (director QUO) http://twitter.com/joralcalde
– Paula Vázquez http://twitter.com/PaulaVazquezTV
– Almudena Cid http://twitter.com/almudenacid
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– Concha García Campoy http://twitter.com/conchagcampoy
– Debora hombres http://twitter.com/deborah__ombres
– Informativos T5 http://twitter.com/informativost5
– Raquel Sanchez silva http://twitter.com/raqsanchezsilva
– Nuria Roca http://twitter.com/nuriarocagranel
– Raquel Martos (el hormiguero) http://twitter.com/RaquelMartos
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– Manu Tenorio http://twitter.com/manu_tenorio1
– Angels Barceló http://twitter.com/abarceloh25
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– Vicente Vallés (periodista TVE) http://twitter.com/VicenteVallesTV
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– Ángeles Blanco (periodista T5) http://twitter.com/AngelesBlancoTV
– Vetusta Morla http://twitter.com/vetustamorla
– Gonzo (periodista) http://twitter.com/a_lo_gonzo
– Dani Rovira http://twitter.com/DANIROVIRA
– Luis Enrique http://twitter.com/LUISENRIQUE21
– Javier Ruiz Taboada http://twitter.com/ruiztaboada
– Onda Cero radio: http://twitter.com/OndaCeroRadio
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– Eduard Punset http://twitter.com/eduardpunset
– Iker Jimenez: http://twitter.com/lanavedelmisterio
– Miguel Bosé: http://twitter.com/bosseofficial
– Grammys latinos: http://twitter.com/latinGRAMMYs

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.


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