Independent Workers Party of Chicago

We publish below another of our seemingly endless series of partial transcripts; this one is from today’s rally in New York City’s Foley Square in defense of alleged “Stratfor” hacker & working class hero from Chicago, Jeremy Hammond.

The rally’s turnout was pitifully small.  It is a disgrace that in New York City, a metropolis of some 8 million people, only a handful of people had the guts to actually show up to support Jeremy Hammond’s defense campaign.  Apparently, not a single so-called working class socialist political party showed up at the event!   If they were there, they sure didn’t show up on the video.  Maybe 20 people were there; almost a quarter of those present spoke; a couple others provided live video feeds of the event as well as the gathering of activists after the Chief Judge of the US District Court of Manhattan, Loretta Preska, refused to…

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