A refrain that Americans hear endlessly from nearly all ends of the political spectrum, and certainly from the Republicans (who were antiwar in the 1930s, but no longer) and the Democrats (who were antiwar in the 1980s, but no longer), is how “the military defends our freedoms”. This is unquestionable, beyond the pale to doubt in the slightest, a dogma that no one dares question. It is also utter bullshit. The military has never defended any of my freedoms, and, with the possible exception of the “freedoms” of a few select interest groups of particular economic or political potency, has never defended much of anybody’s. Let me ask, then:

When blacks were enslaved and American Indians had their lands stolen from them by force and by fraud, where was the military?

When the blatantly unconstitutional and tyrannical Alien and Sedition acts were passed by Congress and President Adams, where was…

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