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| Bradley Manning – Drop the Aiding the Enemy Charges! [1min]

Exposing the brutal criminality of US forces murdering innocent civilians in cold blood to Wikileaks perhaps boosted ‘the enemy’s’ righteous indignation to resist and repel the Coalition forces, just as the French resistance fought their German occupiers & the Viet Cong kicked out the US in Vietnam, BUT the REAL ENEMY remains the hidden US/UK military/political corruption, and, for sure, Pfc. Bradley Manning certainly did not aid THAT enemy but EXPOSED it, for which he deserves PRAISE not CENSURE!


The radical application and interpretation of the ‘aiding the enemy’ charge means that the US can bring the threat of execution or life imprisonment to any soldier who chooses to make public information on US war crimes and corruption, on the extremely questionable justification that “the enemy” can read and make use of such reports in the press.

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