Reasons to Hate Ideology

George W. Bush was the villain of my adolescence, and his 9/11-justified assault upon civil liberties was, for me and many of my peers, the chief instrument of his villainy. I, alongside other liberals in print and in person, protested the Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, rendition, “enhanced interrogation,” warrantless wiretapping, Freedom of Information Act restrictions, and any of the other dozen attempts to ensure security at the cost of personal freedom. Which is why it mystifies me when President Obama continues or even expands upon many of these infractions, and my fellow liberals say and do nothing.

One could chalk up the failure to close Guantanamo as Congress’s fault, but who else is to blame for President Obama’s expansion and defense of secret FISA wiretapping? What about granting immunity for both CIA torturers and telecom companies who participated in illegal wiretaps, especially after the promise of their prosecution was a…

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