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This is a great article on how the Obama Administration is cracking down on whistle-blowers.  Even Care2, which published the article (below) is alarmed, and they are a solidly leftist, politically correct web site which normally backs Obama as a good Democrat.  Obama cracks down on whistle blowers because they expose corruption and the Obama administration wants to continue its nefarious ways without some pesky do-gooder raising the flag that things in government are not right.  This desire to suppress the truth, combined with a trend towards ever greater government thuggery, has created the situation that we are in, in which the government acts above the law with impunity.

Of course I don´t want to just blame Obama.  The abuse really began under Bush II, who was probably even worse.  Obama has continued the tradition of abuse and corruption and not corrected it.  My now the only true believers in…

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