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Even a Military Judge Recognizes What Many Progressives Deny: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated

The ruling is but the latest repudiation of claims from Obama supporters that Manning was treated fairly and justly

“With respect to Private Manning, I have actually asked the Pentagon whether or not the procedures that have been taken in terms of his confinement are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards. They assure me that they are.” – Barack Obama, White House Press Conference, March 10, 2011.


Few if any articles that I’ve written produced as much backlash as my 15 December 2010 column reporting on the oppressive and inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning‘s detention, the first time that story was reported. The anger at my article primarily came not from right-wing venues but from the hardest-core Obama supporters, who (as they always do since 20 January 2009) reflexively…

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  1. Glenn Greenwald is one of very few true journalists left in this country — glad you helped spread the article :-)! Keep up the pressure! At this juncture I honestly feel that Obama is worse than the shrub — what he has done to Manning and other whistleblowers is unconscionable!

    Pwr 2 Manning & Assange!

    • I’m in touch with Frontline club in London to get Manning trial debated (re whistleblowers and those who publish being deemed to have ‘aided the enemy’ also of course the continuing plight of Assange and now the Aaron Swartz (sorry for wrong spelling) suicide etc ….

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