If you could get your art on the wall of one person (who doesn’t already have it) who would it be?

The Dalai Lama, Tank Man, Bradley Manning, David Bowie or Banksy.



What modern visual artists are you vibing on these days?

I could go on for days about this as there are so many artists around the world producing unbelievable work these days. Recently I was blown away by Kelsy Brookes’ show, “Serotonin; Happiness and Spiritual States.” It’s easy to lose yourself in his pulsating psychedelic abstractions. His colors sear your retinas in the best way. In contrast, Christian Rex van Minnen rendered a stew of surrealistic mind-sludge masquerading as old masters portraits for his show, “Fever Dream.”  I always get excited to see his new work and I laugh a lot when looking at his paintings. They are hard to describe, you just need to see them. I’m smiling right now just thinking of this FTW painting he did. Ha ha so good. Ake and Josh of OPERATION:Mindblow are two of the finest live visual artists I have seen. They…

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