i got somethin to say

I found some people to admire in the year 2012.  Here’s my top four and more:

Bradley Manning

Paul Watson

Katherine Forrest

Chief Theresa Spence

Bradley Manning has been tortured by his own government and stands as a warning to others:  Don’t Fuck With Us.   We see how accused whistleblowers are treated.  The government still has no decency.

Paul Watson bought a Japanese whaling ship to use against Japanese whalers.  Sea Shepard, Watson’s organization, actually enforces the laws that governments pass.  For some odd reason, governments do not appreciate the assistance – which says a lot about governments, don’t you think?

Katherine Forrest is the federal judge who has stood up to the Obama administration over the constitutionality of the NDAA, in a suit brought by Chris Hedges, et al.  No way to know how it will all play out, but her courage in going against the man who appointed…

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