“In the U.S., the Manning case proves two facts: the almost total information control of the media cartel and the cruel treatment to whoever gives information about crimes committed by government agents. The media, like US politicians, follow orders. If you want to read the text of what Manning or its defence said in pre-trial hearings, you’d better read the foreign press. The same goes for the U.S. economic crisis, remote controlled murders and other official crimes.

Truths and lies on the Internet

Internet is growing as a source of information, because you can write freely. One hint is that the US, where media ownership is more concentrated, is precisely where there is greater growth of Internet information and where you can read very lucid political analysis. There are several important free sites where the kind of news and analysis evaded by the mainstream press can be found, such as Information Clearing House or Counterpunch, to name two well known ones.”

Tony Seed's Weblog


Media-CulpaSINCE THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, information control obsesses those looking for “excessive profit”, as Adam Smith defined it. The model was developed in the United States. There, secondary education – the mass version – was minimized in any aspect related to humanities, such as history, geography, philosophy, which give benchmarks for critical thinking.

The idea is to impart only the knowledge that will render the working class useful at a job, but politically ignorant. It allows for nurturing majorities with a world view based on distorted information, so the public can be guided according to the convenience of the ruling class. It is a useful trick even for governments without electoral fuss and with visible leaders, but it is in democracies where it is most useful, because the ruling class, which is hardly seen, uses misleading information to promote their puppets in electoral carnivals.

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