Songs Of Innocence & The End Of The World

From the WTF desk…Why indeed?

Reblogged from kulturCritic – one of the most incisive and interesting voices in the blogosphere

The senseless death of innocence! No, this is not a recently discovered poem by William Blake, or one of James Joyce’s lost novels. But how does the self-described avant-garde master of Western civilization, i.e., the most hierarchically-driven, dominion-focused, militarized nation on earth react to the incomprehensible violence of a schoolyard murder-suicide, where a lone young-adult shooter leaves two score of dead children and countless broken hearts or destroyed families in their wake?  Of course, they call in the paramilitary State militia, the Swat team with semi-automatic weapons at the ready, fully locked and loaded, costumed in fatigues and riot gear. Is that really the way to deal with a domestic tragedy of this nature: with a show of militaristic force – a post-modern, post-mortem surge, if you will – in Newtown, Connecticut?  A little too much swagger, and just a tad bit too late for those whose world ended far too early, earlier last week.


This scene alone would inspire a whole squad of  domestic(ated) terrorists, patriotic psychopaths chasing down the dream or just disgusted with the entire game, just waiting for the end of the world and the chance to show us they have what it takes – “the right stuff.”

There is apparent escalation in the frequency and brutality of mass murders in this country, almost proportionate to the rather obvious increase and viciousness of natural disasters, all in lock-step with mounting war carnage and collateral damage brought to you courtesy of the US Military Inc.  Look at the events just last week at the mall in Portland, Oregon, during an ordinary round of holiday consumption; but the seismic after-shock in Connecticut this week was substantially worse than the prior tremor.  Perhaps this is what insurrection looks like in a “real” democracy; momentum building around all the edges until the center finally can no longer hold.

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