The Root Problem

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The essay below is my response to the shooting of children in Connecticut, the bombing of children in Pakistan, the poisoning of our water by fracking, the way that the Republicans deny global warming and the Democrats ignore global warming, the pre-trial torture of whistleblower Bradley Manning, and so on. All of these are consequences of one root problem, our culture of separateness.


The demons facing us are legion:  alienation, apathy, authoritarianism, bullying, censorship, child abuse, corruption, cruelty, disinformation, excessive incarceration, exploitation, foreclosures, greed, homelessness, homophobia, hunger, inadequate healthcare, Islamophobia, lies, loneliness, media consolidation, money in politics, neglect of the elderly, nuclear meltdowns, oil spills, pedophilia, plutocracy, racism, rape, sexism, spousal abuse, the Federal Reserve, the military-industrial complex, theft, unemployment, unverifiable ballots, war …

and they keep growing more numerous, like the many heads of the Hydra that Hercules had to fight. And now we are also heading toward

economic and environmental collapse,

both of which add a time limit to our troubles. We simply cannot deal with all these evils one at a time. We must, like Hercules, get to the root of the problem, and deal with all the evils at once. In this essay I will explain that the root cause of all these evils is our culture of separateness, both economic and psychological.

continued here


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