Even with The Guardian’s biased attempt to make Malala Yousafzai their 2012 Person of the Year (showing a large photo of her but none of the other 5 nominations, and putting her at the top of the list), they failed miserably, with Bradley Manning winning by a landslide 70% of the vote, their favourite Malala only garnering 22%.

It seems The Guardian was shocked by this outcome, as evidenced by approximately 36 hours of silence, before a pathetic attempt at announcing Manning as the winner.

The article is only a small blurb in the middle of their homepage, which talks about “fishy voting patterns,” their favourite Malala, and making it sound like a few tweets from @WikiLeaks is what won it for Manning. It mentions nothing of Manning’s courage to do the right thing, revealing war crimes, or his treatment amounting to torture since being detained.


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