The Sun Burns Cold

I’m not a “hacker” or “hacktivist” in the sense of being some brilliant anti-hero who lurks 4chan or wherever waiting to get in on the latest Anonymous Ddos action via their Low Orbit Ion Cannon or simply knowing how to apply other security auditing software “for the LULZ.” And obviously, I’m not sitting here in fucking Yoshkar Ola writing blog posts while my botnetz savages your bank account cause you just had to click on that midget porn link and ignore your Norton warning. The very fact, however, that I am able to write this to the internet is the result of a low level rigging up job and some iwconfig magic (and thanks to the corporate burger joint across the street) and by all means I’m a hacker sympathizer. Just like you were when you took the postmarks off stamps by sitting them face down for a couple of…

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