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Saving Private Manning ~ Andrew Cohen, The Atlantic.

The accused leaker of classified information picks a good week to tell his story of mistreatment and abuse.


Whatever else he is, Private Bradley Manning is still presumed innocent until proven guilty. And whatever else he happens to mean to you or to this nation, whatever else he has come to symbolize during his brief time in the world’s harsh glare, he is still an American citizen and we are still a nation of laws. This past week, Pvt. Manning finally came to court in the Pentagon’s big WikiLeaks case against him– to both accuse and to confess– and his timing could hardly have been better.

Pvt. Manning spoke about prisoner abuse at his pretrial hearing in Ft. Meade, Maryland, the same week a sitting U.S. senator, himself a former military prosecutor, called our detainees at Guantanamo Bay “crazy bastards

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