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The other day I saw a picture on Reddit that disturbed me.


Are you not disturbed?!

I’ll explain.

Growing up, I had certain romantic notions about Generation Y.  Granted, most of these notions were restricted to my more liberal peers, and even within that subset, I’m sure they were unrealistic and applied far too broadly.  There was one misconception I particularly clung to, harder than I consciously realized at the time.  I imagined that nearly all my peers—liberal, conservative, uninterested, Equalist—were, to some extent, impervious to political pandering.

I thought we all intrinsically knew that when a politician appears onstage with a rock star, loads a speech with patriotic-sounding nonsense, or forces a shitty metaphor about a popular movie, it’s just politicians being politicians.  These are old, hollow methods belonging to a bygone age.  Our generation was always capable of supporting the wrong ideas, sure, but ideas would always…

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