Bristol Against Arms Trade

Mental health professional Captain Kevin Moore took the stand in the second day of the manning-logo-250pretrial hearing for PFC Bradley Manning, explaining that Bradley’s isolated conditions that wore on his mental health were even worse than death row treatment he observed earlier in his career.

Cpt. Moore and another psychiatrist, Captain William Hoctor, testified that Quantico Brig officials ignored their recommendations to change the way Manning was being treated, they both said that this was completely different than previous brig officials they’ve worked for, who usually complied with their recommendations within days. Cpt. Hoctor’s went onto say they had no psychiatric reason to keep him on prevention of injury watch or to remove his clothes, and that the restrictive treatment left Bradley isolated, stressed, and depressed.

Exposing war crimes is not a crime it is in fact according to international law it is our duty. For more information on the…

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