PFCSadly there is still relatively little old-school media attention given to the PFC Manning case. I won’t go into a long post about the Bradley Manning case. Instead I will make a few points:

  • Bradley Manning allegedly gave classified materials to Wikileaks. If he did the case could be made that he did so to defend the constitution. 
  • Current whistle-blower laws do not apply to national security cases. Personally I think they should, but this sort of situation was not foreseen by legislatures.
  • In the last couple of years Bradley Manning has been detained and punished as if he was guilty, before any sort of trial was ever held. In fact in April of 2011 there were 250 legal scholars (include one from the Obama administration) that signed a letter saying his treatment constituted torture and was unconstitutional.
  • PFC Manning’s lawyer before the court is saying all charges should be dropped due to the horrendous treatment received.

Personally I think PFC Manning should be treated as…

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