Important calendar of events leading up to Bradley Manning’s court martial

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November 27 – December 2:
• Bradley Manning hearing onunlawful pretrial punishment. Manning expected to testify.
• Worldwide rallies for Bradley Manning.

December 3:
• Manning lawyer David Coombs to speak in Washington DC.

December 4:
• Two years of unlawful banking blockade against WikiLeaks.

December 5 – 7:
• Bradley Manning pretrial hearing.

December 6 – 7:
• Kristinn Hranfsson & Joseph Farrell at Int’l Congress Against Repression.

December 7:
• Julian Assange two years detained without charge.

December 17:
• Bradley Manning’s 25th birthday – how you can write him.

January 14 – 18:
• Bradley Manning hearing on handling of classified info during trial.

January 28 – 29:
• Bradley Manning hearing on last minute motions before trial.

January 30:
• Bradley Manning – screening of potential jurors.

February 4 – March 15:
• Bradley Manning’s trial.


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