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Disgusting Kelley Sisters make laughable excuses; US Military Competence In Question. 11-28-12

While most people caught in a scandal that revealed they had stolen money from Wounded American Military personnel and have a shirtless “enforcer” from the FBI would hide their heads in the sand, the Kelley sisters would NOT be among those people. Currently they are ‘mounting'(pun intended) an image renewal campaign destined for the kind of success enjoyed by the one launched by Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell.
The plot has thickened faster than Jell-O in the fridge but with none of the

charm. Last week I detailed how the Kelley’s had shamelessly stolen $175,000 from their “charity’ for wounded & disabled vets. While it obviously takes money to make money that doesn’t mean it’s ok to TAKE money. Why the Tampa DA isn’t investigating this is beyond me. The lack of public outcry is a…

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