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Summary: The first sparks of Revolution are invisible to the Proles and considered insignificant by the Outer Party.  Only the fierce reaction by the government reveals their importance.  The combination of power and ambition gives senior government officials a clarity of vision we lack.  Watch these sparks. The opportunity to take sides might not last long, before they get snuffed out. Post your thoughts about these events in the comments. For deeper analysis see the links at the end.

It’s the holiday season! Americans gather in their homes, whining about irresponsible and incompetent government while watching TV and consuming their favorite drugs.  Citizens on the extremes wander in their minds, lost in delusions. Those on the Right fondle their guns, dream of insurrection, and vote straight-line GOP.  Those on the Left read esoteric theological and philosophical tracts; they dream of Gaia ejecting the proles so they can rebuild Eden.


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