This is a very long (roughly 11 pages), very very rough, brainstorm for my thesis. There are no paragraphs and no clear organization, it’s simply my thoughts on three sources I have. So here it is, in all of its glorious messiness. Glad it’s out of my head! As always feedback is much appreciated. Cheers!

For a long time I felt lost within feminist fetters. Through the various types of theories (Postmodern, Eco, Intersectionality, etc.) I came to realize the extent to which all people, non-human animals, and even the earth, are oppressed in various ways, and all converge around patriarchy and hierarchy in general. Yet I could not find a comprehensive theory for action that addressed the deep-seated dominion over human activities. And then I was introduced to Emma Goldman’s writing, “On Anarchism”. And while it clearly was not “feminist” as in woman-centered (Goldman even uses “man” or “men”…

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