21st Century Mayhem

October has been official deemed “National Cyber Security Month.” “But Why?” One might ask. Throughout the passing months there have been a vast multitude of hacking that has occurred from many different sources.
   A recent cyber attack was launched on CSO Online (A security website that houses data, and security information) by the Arab Electronic Army. This Army has began to take action due to the recent defilement of The Islamic faith due to a film (The Innocence of Muslims) that was released in the West. Not only has CSO online been attacked by this group, but also Multiple banks including Chase, and Bank of America. This demonstration undoubtedly shows that the battles in the Cyber world, regardless if it is with hacktivist in the states, or angry Arabic activist that every last one of us (Citizens of the world) can suffer casualties, for the Cyber world is a domain in which all…

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