Recent actions in support of Bradley Manning

Oakland, CA August 16, 2012

Oakland just rocks, nuf said <3

Some of the September 6 actions at Obama campaign headquarters throughout the US and the US Consulate in Melbourne, Australia.


Concord, NH

A letter written to president Barack Obama by Art Brennan, veteran and former NH judge. The letter was going to be read at the Obama campaign headquarters in Concord NH. When Veterans for Peace arrived at the office, it was locked and staffers were hiding. The letter was then read outside.

After it was read, Obama staffers opened the door for volunteers before shutting it as Art Brennan asked to come inside. This happened once again before the door was left open and the letter was delivered inside.

Sept 6 2012 – Obama campaign staff lock up their headquarters on a national day of action for Bradley Manning. Though no civil disobedience was scheduled to occur, Art Brennan announced that he was going to read a one page letter at the campaign office, which ultimately was read outside. When phone banking volunteers began arriving, a staffer opens the door to allow them in before shutting the door on activists. This happens twice, before the door is left open and the small group goes inside. The first staffer denies having the authority to accept the letter. A second staffer found farther inside (also the person who had first shut the door) accepts the letter before seeing everyone out.

Melbourne, Australia

Our amazing friends in Melbourne protested 2 days, Sept 5 and Sept 6. They peacefully occupied the US Consulate, conducted a teach-in and were treated very roughly by embassy “personnel” (thugs) who kneed a woman in the face.

The last of five Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance affiliates are removed from the foyer of US Consulate on St Kilda Rd by VicPol after being roughly separated, following a sit-in lasting about 45 mins in support of Bradley Manning – who has now been detained in US military prison without any trial for 800 days.

Portland, OR

Philadelphia, PA

Boston, MA

Tucson, AZ

Part of a national day of protest to Free Bradley Manning. Video shows protest at the intersection of Speedway and Swan in Tucson and also at the Obama campaign headquarters to deliver a letter calling for President Obama to pardon Bradley Manning.

People interviewed in the video include Felice Cohen-Joppa, Susan Thorpe, Gretchen Nielsen, Dalton McClelland, James Jordan, and Joyce Smith. Jack Cohen-Joppa is shown reading the letter to Obama Campaign.

The Bradley Manning Support Network, Afghans For Peace and SF Bay Iraq Veterans Against the War Call for Nationwide Actions at local Obama Campaign Offices September 6, 2012 during the Democratic National Convention! Protests happened in more than 35 cities around the U.S., including Tucson,

From the Bradley Manning Support Network – August 18, 2012
Since Army PFC Bradley Manning’s arrest in May 2010 for allegedly sharing the “Collateral Murder” video and other evidence of war crimes and government corruption with the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks, progressives and human rights activists have been asking, “Why isn’t President Obama stepping in to help Bradley?”

After all, it was President Obama who in May 2011 declared with regards to protests in the Middle East,

“In the 21st Century, information is power; the truth cannot be hidden; and the legitimacy of governments will ultimately depend on active and informed citizens.”

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