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Originally posted by James Green for (full link at bottom), the following is an in depth interview with a journalist named Alex O’Brien, who has been recording the Bradley Manning military trial. She ties the NDAA and Wikileaks in very aptly, and gives a ton of information about the entire situation. Enjoy!

Bradley Manning, the NDAA and Wikileaks


Alexa O’Brien is a journalist, researcher, and social activist. She is currently investigating the Bradley Manning trial and the US government’s pursuit of Wikileaks.

JAMES GREEN: Could you start off by telling me about the work you’re doing right now on the  Bradley Manning case?

ALEXA O`BRIEN: Sure. I’ve been researching and covering the Bradley Manning trial and the US investigations into WikiLeaks, Assange, Manning, and supporters. Manning’s been in pre-trial confinement for over 900 days. I’ve been transcribing that trial by hand, and when the Military District…

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