Exeter Human Rights Update

The last five years have seen an explosion in global affairs. After the relative stability of the post-Cold War – the age of market-driven globalisation, US hegemony and Fukuyama’s ‘end of history’ – one crisis after another has shaken the policy elite of North America and Europe. The fiscal crisis of the financial bailouts, the monetary crisis of the eurozone, the revolutions of the Arab Spring – Left, Right and centre (both idiomatically and politically), assumptions about the 21st Century have been thrown off-kilter entirely.

In ‘ordinary’ times, the information crisis generated by WikiLeaks would have been monumental. Amidst this cluster-bombing of such monumental events, however, it has  received relatively little coverage, and that little has mostly been centred on the figure of its founder, Julian Assange. Though the organisation was founded in 2006, it achieved international notoriety when, in November 2010, it coordinated the simultaneous release of secret US cables in…

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