Producer of “American Autumn” offers generous financial support for Manning’s defense at film premier Oct 1-4

Announcement: the Bradley Manning Support Network will be partnering with Dennis Trainor, the director and producer of American Autumn, an Occudoc, to raise money for the Bradley Manning Defense Fund.

American Autumn will premier at the Quad Cinema in NYC starting Monday of next week, October 1st-4th. Mr. Trainor has pledged that an incredibly generous 50% of all ticket sales sold on October 1st through the 4th will go directly to the Bradley Manning Defense Fund as a show of solidarity.

October 1st through the 5th, Bradley has pretrial hearings at Fort Meade.

BMSN will have table space in the lobby of the theatre to do outreach 30 minutes before and after each screening to do info-sessions/ talk-backs and fundraising appeals above and beyond the 50% door for tickets.

Please come, bring your friends and relatives, enjoy a phenomenal film, and support not only the documentary effort, but also one of the seminal inspirations for the Occupy movement.


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